Chat With Mike Pollock and Jason Griffith, Friday on Yahoo IM!

Chat With Mike Pollock and Jason Griffith, Friday on Yahoo IM!

So, I was chillin’ with Mike Pollock, the voice of Dr. Eggman, recently and he told me to invite you guys to a special chat involving him and his voice acting buddy, Jason Griffith.  I hear that he does the voice for Sonic the Hedgehog.

How do you get invited to this chat?  Send an e-mail to this address requesting to join the chat.  The e-mail must include your Yahoo Instant Message or MSN address.  If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation and a private invite to join the chat at a selected time.

The fun starts at 8 PM EST on Friday, July 31st.  Don’t miss out to finally speak to Jason Griffith!

By the way, if you’re going to the chat to just shit-talk Jason for “not being Ryan Drummond,” please get a life.

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  1. I have talked to Mike Pollock Multiple times through email. He helps me a great deal with my voice over career. It would be a lot of fun to get to chat with him and Jason Griffith through Msn or Yahoo.

  2. I particularly enjoy how you put in that last part, since that was pretty much the first thing on my mind – people would only join to talk shit about him.

    He’s doing all right. Sure, he still needs some work, but he’s gotten a lot of practice over the years, which is good.

  3. I agree with you guys, Jason isn’t half bad as Sonic’s voice. Sure he’s no Junichi Kanemaru, but he does a decent Sonic voice which I’v been used to since Sonic X.

  4. It’s nice of Jason to finally chat with the fans. I hope everything goes over well.

  5. @Experiment 282: Same deal.. 🙁 might pull an all nighter as its fairly important…

  6. Free-king-a

    People are getting used to him…
    He sounds horrible still.

    He makes Sonic sound like hes 30 and slow

    Ryan sounded very close to junichi…thats how he is supposed to sound.

    He has an up and down annoying tone he sucks at pronouncing words properly and anyone who he voices its obviouse that its him.
    Thats a BAD voice actor.

    Im not gonna join. I dont hate griffith as a person, i dont know him.
    I just dislike the decision to keep him.

    Even if he sounded great, Ryan deserves the role. He put his all into it. He loves sonic as a character.
    I actually think sega should grow some balls and either get him back or choose between him and jason.
    Yes thats right 2 voice actors in the game so everyone stops griping.
    Anyone who thinks jason does a good sonic, doesnt truly know sonic as a character.
    Ill stand by that until the end.
    Voice is a huge part of personality.
    Griffith sounds nothing like ryan.
    Try arguing with me but first.
    Switch cartmans and peter griffins voice and see if it feels the same.

    Thats how big the change feels like to me. Even worse because its my childhood hero.

  7. Well, I like Jason’s voice for Shadow. ^-^
    But for Sonic he’s not the greatest but I don’t mind.
    I’m gonna send an email to jion the chat. 🙂

  8. @Daniel Butler: Take your shit and negatvity somewhere else away from us fans. He’s the current actor now so stop whining like a pussy.

    Anyway I would love to join Jason and Pollock in the chat, I just don’t know what I’d say. It would be too overwhelming for me. But what the hey, might as well join to shield Jason from the “Bring Ryan back!” bastards.

  9. @Daniel Butler:
    Oh shuuuut up.
    Quit being so ignorant.

    I’m probably just gonna ask questions and stuff. lol

  10. Sent. Problem is if I’m accepted it’ll mean getting up at some ridiculous time cos of time differences, unless, you know, the chat’s at 2am. 😉
    Still, it would be completely worth it!

  11. I think Jason has gotten better! I also think its the dialogue itself that holds back. He was awesome in Sonic And The Black Knight. Sonic actually had his SONICY attitude! Thus making him seem more like Sonic non the less just by the dialogue. Everyone should remember “LOOK! ITS A GIANT TALKING EGG!” That Sonic smart mouth attitude dialogue is Soniccy, and all thats needed is the right voice. And Jason pulled it off is SatBK! Nice Jason!

  12. i sent an email, got a confirmation, but didnt get a time or invite…is something up? btw first time using yahoo chat so i dunno if i get it later or not 😛 can someone help me?

  13. @Spee: Aww…no confirmation for me yet 🙁 Aw well, probably a first in best dressed thing, in which case I was probably near the back end of the queue. And hopefully the entire convo will be covered by Sonic Stadium.

  14. @Sonic Da Nigahog: Agreed. He getting better at the role and all, but he can’t do much if the script doesn’t have much attitude.

    The problem is that the actors have to match the lip flaps. They can’t just adlib something in. After all, look at the cutscenes in the Adventure games.

    “If I wasn’t just dreaming………………that monster…………… a real menace!”

  15. Do you have to have Yahoo Instant Messanger for this? Cause it says MSN address’s as well. And of course I have MSN. But not Yahoo IM. Does this mean it’s going to be on MSN or Yahoo…or both.
    I is confuzlled.

  16. Nope, it’s not till 1am, British Time. Which I didn’t realise until I sent my email, I think I have now been confirmed. Whether or not I will be able to be around at 1am is the question! :S

  17. Hudson:

    Its people like you who are negative calling people like me that you dont even know stupid names and such.
    I stand up for what i believe in and i cant help how i feel, there was a time when many of you would probably be saying the same thing as me. You give into the conformity of Jason fans, the longer Jason is doing the voice of Sonic the more kids will be introduced to Sonic as the character Jason portrays, they will get used to that character and never really know what Sonic was about before that. The longer Drummonds gone, the more people will give into Sonics new voice/personality.

    I take back what i said about them having the option to choose. Sonic should never be portrayed how jason portrays him.

    Im not cursing at anyone and im not a negative person, it just feels wrong when i hear Jason as Sonic, Even if he did a good job what they did to Ryan would loom over me, its not right. You dont give somone a role that major and just take it away from them when they love it, and they are putting there all into it. Its wrong.

    More and more people will continue to tell me to stop whining and blah blah blah. I dont care man, I grew up with Sonic, That character means the world to me.
    Hes not the same character anymore with Jasons voice.
    Voice acting and character personality fit hand in hand.
    Anyone who doesnt see that is blind.

    script is an important role of course too, but if you take away the voice, the character dies.

  18. I have no idea. I sent my yim about 10 minutes after this article was made making me the first person to send mine in.

  19. That’s happened to me too Jason!
    This is really pissing me off now. It’s 1am here in the UK, and the guy who has added me is ignoring me. I don’t know what to do. I’ve recieved no information apart from the fact that he’s chatting at 8pm EST. He could at least drop me a message for crying out loud!
    I put myself out for 1am for this! 1am! It’s almost 2 now!

  20. Wordy: I’ve been there for an hour and a half now with NOTHING being said. Just… silence. I’m thinking it’s me, but I IM the person in charge and he doesn’t reply back to my IM.

    Is this going on or not? There are a bunch of people in the chat, but no one is talking. D:

  21. Griffith just left. The whole thing was a waste. The guy leading the chat kept talking about his Animaniacs/Sonic crossover ideas, and mentioning Sonic 06 beastiality, some other fool in the chat kept talking about creepy fanfiction, and just about everyone was shouting “SAY ‘I LOVE YOU’ TO ME!” Even Griffith sounded a little uncomfortable. The whole thing was just so EMBARRASSINGLY bad. I doubt Griffith would ever want to talk to fans again.

    The only good part was when Pollock and Griffith were saying crazy things in their character voices.

    Pollock: “I love you, Sonic.”

    Griffith: “I love you too Eggman. But we can’t get married!”

  22. It was real fun. I got in late but Mike is a real nice guy. I even got to talk to him one on one.

  23. @Daniel Butler
    What you are doing right now is the reason most Sonic fans don’t care or like Ryan or fans that like him. Stop complaining! This is coming from a fellow Ryan fan.
    @ Brad Flick
    “Guess what? It’s just voice actors.”
    Try saying that to Futurama fans.

    I hope that chat went well.

  24. @Dr. SEGA Monkey: That’s precisely the reason why Sega doesn’t pay much attention to the fanbase: the majority of them are idiots.

  25. Gamer18

    Those fans are shallow if they dont like Ryan because i state that i want him back.
    You think sega has a chance of rehiring him if everyone “stopped complaining.”
    Hell no, Dude think about it. How are we supposed to get him back if no one acts like they care.
    They need motivation to rehire him.
    So i try to state that i want him back wherever i can.

    At least im not one of those people that say i hate jasons guts and i want 4kids to burn and all that crap.
    I just want Ryan back and most people did a few years ago. Its sad to me to see the fanbase not caring as much anymore.

  26. @Daniel Butler: The reason most people don’t care as much anymore is that they’ve probably given up hope altogether.

    At this point, Jason’s done more work with Sonic than Ryan has. And as much as I miss Drummond, we need to face facts: He’s just not coming back.

  27. So apparently I’m not the only invited MSN user who couldn’t get in…

    Out of curiosity, was anyone there able to record this? I’m really interested to hear what Jason and Mike had to say, and I’m sure a lot of other people who missed the event would be interested as well.

  28. He probably isnt coming back as much as i hate to say it, but its not a fact.
    Im the kind of person that will fight for something with all the odds against me. Especially if i think its the right thing to do.
    They gave up hope too fast, i think its likely they would of givin Ryan the role back by now if people didnt give up so easily.

  29. The conversation would have been a 1000x better if the fans had actually left Griffith alone instead of being little whining b*@%$&#. S&*# people, calm the F down, some people actually wanted to hear what the man had to say. I’m a Drummond fan too, but I’m NOT a fanboy, and, you know what? He’s probably not coming back, so stop b*#%$&@* and flaming others who actually like Griffith because, as you may not have noticed, it’s done absolutely nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

    OK? Besides, I don’t understand what people are complaining about. Yeah, Drummond was awesome, but Griffith started-off pretty decently, I mean, his performances in Sonic X weren’t horrible, it was pretty much just ’06 and Riders (the 1st one) that he seems to get the most s&#*@ on. Jeez, just… listen (or re-listen) to his performances in Unleashed and Black Knight, OK?

  30. @butler: He’s a voice actor, for a effin blue hedgehog. Before you start your “He doesn’t understand his personality”, “Ryan is teh betturh”, or “I stand up for what I believe in whether you like it or not” speeches, just remember what it is you are fighting for and remember what relevance it has in the real world, or in our case, how it conflicts Sonic’s games.

    And I tell ya, not alot.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people saying whether or not Griffith is good or not on message boards (personally while I like Griffith and acknowledge that he’s getting more into his role as Sonic in Unleashed and Black Knight (and in Shadow’s case, it sorta came to him a bit more quickly), Ryan Drummond I feel is still more superior) and talk about how well they’ve done in the games, but saying how voice acting affects your overall opinion about the game itself, you REALLY need to get your priorities straight.

  31. Man, I wish I was in the chat. I actually liked to ask Jason some questions (not all related to Sonic).
    Like “How did you get started in voice acting?” or “Did you act in some other project?” or “How is your experience with Sega?”
    …did anyone ask at least ask question or something other than ranting?! Or fanfics?!
    Now some of us who actually wanted to be on it will never know becuase of the retarded fanboys (except for the 1/3 who were actually respectful) that got chosen instead. Now Jason (or whoever) will never come back.
    Thanks a lot. And I thought the twitards were crazy.

    And on a side note: I like both Jason AND Ryan.

  32. voice acting will probably be a problem forever, sheesh.
    ryan was better than him, but i think jason is getting better. (like all said, black knight was pretty okay with that)

  33. Some of you guys need to cool your jets in here – can you not respect each other’s opinions that you may not agree on favourite voice actors? For the record, most of that chat I got to listen to (albeit intermittently) was great, we all got to ask Mike a boatload of questions, and yeah sure, some people did start to rabbit on about x and y, but that was probably because they were very excited to be in the presence of VA’s from the Sonic Universe.

    For those who missed it, there was mention that there would be another chat sometime in the near future, WITH the possibility of getting Dan Green to join. It is extremely awesome these guys take the time out to do this stuff.

  34. Out of curiosity, was anyone able to record this? I’m really interested to hear what Jason and Mike had to say, and I’m sure a lot of other people who missed this would be interested as well.

  35. @Daniel Butler: Use all that “believing” crap all you want, but ryan isn’t coming back and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  36. Oh God I can’t believe how stupid some people are as to talk about effin FANFICS to a voice actor. He probably thought you were crazy. Props to anyone who actually tried to start a NORMAL conversation >_>

  37. @Butler
    I dont think jason is giving sonic the wrong attitude.
    Of course he may have changed a little but i dont feel a big difference betwen these both as a VA to show sonic`s personality.
    And now do NOT say i do not know sonic.
    He helped me through some sirious crisis in my life and i spent a unbeliveable time to…well…get him know a little bit.
    Well but if this is the way you think of it, i doubt anyone, in the whole community will ever bring you down on this opinion.
    But please send a E-mail to sega or start a topic in the ssmb where you could find guys who helps you to get ryan back,
    and do not make a arguement in the community.
    Btw i understand your feelings and how you are disappointed. It is not like i scream to you ‘shut the fuck up’ because this isn’t the right thing either. Well iw ish you good luck in your Quest to retrieve Ryan (= and hudson, he is right. you don’t know that. Hope this argue ends now here.

  38. No, I agree with Jack, Humble Fellow. You’re all going on and on like assholes over nothing.

    Any comment from here on that isn’t directly pertaining to this topic will be deleted. Ask around for transcripts, talk about the chat, but I’m tired of having to remind people to stay on topic. While the subject may be ABOUT voice actors, it’s not about voice acting OR Ryan Drummond (who, again, is never coming back for the umpteenth time). Continuous hassling or topic-derailment will result in your IP being blocked from our comments system.

    True Sonic Fans at their finest.

  39. @Brad Flick: Okay, sorry. My mind often tends to wander.

    Actually, it completely buggers off on it’s own.

  40. Eggman123

    I really was never trying to start anything…and i just dont see how anyone can think jason gives sonic the right attitude when he sounds soooo slow to me.

    I grew up with sonic too btw, im 20 now i was 3 when i was introduced.
    I was obsessed. My life until middle school was based off of sonic. I thought i was Sonic, i have NEVER perceived sonic as jason griffith plays him out to be.
    But i admit jason has his good lines. Mostly in brawl. Its just ryan “and jaleel” and junichi are so spot on to me.
    Jason has improved many ways in unleashed and his lines seem improved too. But i just dont feel like im playing as sonic when jasons voicing him, especially when he does stuff like growell when he turns corners and junk, it completely throws it off for me. I just dislike his voice soooo much.

    If Jason was the first choice they chose, id accept it more…but the main reason i want ryan back is because he put so much effort into it and listened to the fans. I think he deserves it back.
    Anyways i have stated my case and i can see its not welcome here. I will stop talking about the issue on this particular site.

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