I think that it’s hilarious that somebody tried to sell Sonic 3D Blast on a Tiger LCD handheld.  That fact is funnier than the commercial itself.  Not to mention all the false hope the ad provides.  Compare how many times you see the Genesis version of 3D Blast to the Tiger handheld version and laugh.

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  1. I’m slightly convinced this was downloaded from FastFeet Media then placed on YouTube as we’ve had that video for years. But more Sonic exposure is always good 🙂

  2. …I had a “pocket arcade” version of that. That game was confusing and uncontrollable, and from what I recall, you just ran (see mash buttons) until you found Robotnik and then you fought. I got to that point once, I think.

  3. The good ol 90’s, I still got my Sonic R Tiger game, that I got for my birthday when I was like 6 (Oh yeah, I’m 16 now, so that makes it over 10 years ago lol)

  4. Ahh, the good ol’ days of the 1990’s…

    Back when the hedgehog was dominating in the console wars, we had shows on Cartoon Network that were actually watchable, and we had silly advertisments for our games and, to a lesser extent, those silly looking handheld games that tried, and ultimately failed, and taking on Nintendo’s Game Boy…


    Good times… Good times…

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