TSS Has Teh Twitters!

TSS Has Teh Twitters!

You might have noticed me going on about a Twitter account that I use every now and again. I’ve been dabbling with the thing for a while now, for personal use and all that. But then it hit me that I could use it to update you guys on site happenings and what-have you outside of TSS. If that makes any sense. The bonus is, I can send news posts and everything onto my Twitter for you to be updated with, and I can ticker it – as a result, it has replaced the News Feed ticker, which was proving to be a headache/drain on site resources as it is.

I was going to make a new account for this, but I figure it’ll be more colourful and interesting to use my current account instead. So if you want to follow my antics and keep up to date on when TSS is maintained then click the links in the scrolling ticker there and be my friend. ­čÖé I like friends.

Oh, I’m aware that the SSR (and to an extent, the SoS) site borks in Internet Explorer. Sigh. I’m going to get right on that today — and Sega very kindly sent me a copy of Let’s Tap. Is Naka-san back? I’ll review it for you guys soon enough.

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  1. Cool! You’re in with Sega! Twitter is cool, I guess. I don’t like things like Twitter so……

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