Sonic Unleashed Mobile – New Trailer And Screens

Sonic Unleashed Mobile – New Trailer And Screens


SEGA have unveiled five new screenshots and a trailer for the upcoming mobile phone release of Sonic Unleashed. The game is being brought to you by Gameloft, a well known developer on the mobile phone gaming circuit. The game is purely 2D and looks to have some similarities to popular Sonic side-scroller games Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure for Nintendo DS. The levels look finely detailed and Sonic even has new sprites compared to past mobile games using his Sonic Advance sprites.

You can check the games appearance yourself by checking the rest of the screenshots and trailer out over at IGN. SEGA and Gameloft have yet to reveal a release date for the game but we’ll let you know as soon as one is revealed.


  1. omg I cant believe this wasn’t made for the ds and virtual console! what a stupid idea just to put it on mobile phones!!!

  2. I am going to laugh if this turns out to be a great game.
    And laugh with happiness if it gets ported to the ds after that.

  3. Looks quite fun, but not so great as the console versions.
    Although I would have loved 2D Werehog sections in the game as they look like they could work well. =)

  4. @Shadzter: I meant i’d like to have seen them in the console versions, because they look all right on this version.

  5. @Kaoz
    Oh, sorry.
    Yeah I agree, it would have been inetresting to see some 2D Werehog sections in the console versions too.

  6. @Shadzter no worries, my fault for not being clearer.
    you never know, they could make one for the last DLC’s although it’s probably unlikely…

  7. A 2D version of the werehog? Cool…

    Why exactly is this not available for the DS or even the PSP? Phones were not meant to play games! That’s why we have portable systems!


  8. This looks promising. Maybe if this is successful, we’ll see a more advanced verisoin appear on a real hand held. I just don’t like to play games on my cell phone, at the moment.

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