Sonic 3 Hits Xbox Live Arcade

Sonic 3 Hits Xbox Live Arcade

SEGA have released Mega Drive classic Sonic 3 among a few other titles onto Xbox Live Arcade today as part of its SEGA Vintage Collection. Developed by Backbone Entertainment the port supports online multiplayer in Competition Mode aswell as online leaderboards and for anyone wondering, they have kept Competition Mode’s Time Attack in there. The download weighs in at 19.23 MB in size and costs just 400 MS Points. The game also of course has 12 new Achievements for you to rack up and show off. Sonic & Knuckles will be released later this month and will incorporate the lock-on feature with Sonic 2 and 3 but will it lock-on with Sonic 1 for the Blue Sphere game? We’ll have to find out.

You can download Sonic 3 from or from your Xbox 360.

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  1. Already got all the achievements from my first play through which is dissapointing as the ones in sonic 1 + 2 needed more skill to do such as the speed runs.

  2. YES!!!!!!

    Finally! Now I have something to keep me occupied until Sonic & Knuckles and Marvel vs Capcom 2 comes out.

    I’ve got to get me some Microsoft points, pronto…

  3. hopefully they’ll allow lock-on for the ultimate collection too for dlc, got both ultimate collecter, dlc

  4. Downloaded it yesterday and finished in just over an hour, unlocking all achievements. I got all of the points achievements during Angel Island as they didn’t seem to think of people getting ‘perfects’ in the special stages. I was disappointed with the ease of the achievements as it did have me playing Sonic 1 & 2 quite a lot (I’ve still not got all of them on those games).

    Also, they have removed the original savegame feature, replacing it with their own savegame functionality which they used in Sonic 1 and 2. That means no more level select after you finish the game, so no Super Sonic in Angel Island, or jumping ahead to Launch Base when you’re in the mood. I’m not happy with that and it will feel even worse when S&Ks is out. I doubt they will patch it in as it seems like it was a design decision but I suppose it is possible if we make enough noise. Who’s with me! *’insert tumble weed*.

    On the whole, it’s Sonic 3 on the Xbox which means it’s back in my front room, but with a key feature removed (original savegame slots), and no bugs fixed (running across some bridges in Ice Cap still stop you like a brick wall). For those reasons I’ll give it a 5/10 as replay value has kind of been decimated. Bring on Sonic and Knuckles please.

  5. Seems to be a horrible remake to me. I haven’t played it, but now learning that there’s no save slots makes me shrug. Back to Mega Collection!

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