SEGASonic Radio Returns, Summer of Sonic 09 Website Online!

SEGASonic Radio Returns, Summer of Sonic 09 Website Online!

SEGASonic Radio was about the third Sonic the Hedgehog-themed radio station to hit the ‘Zone Radio Network so many years ago, but it easily became the world’s best-loved. With the recent server wipes and whatnot, progress on SSR has been slow, but I can happily announce that the new website is back online, and resident DJs are currently populating the pages on the site with details on their shows. I’m working on guiding them through on-site podcast publishing too, so you’ll be able to subscribe to a specific LiVECAST to listen to whenever you want. Check out the new SSR site now!

Related to that, it’s been a while since Roareye Black and myself have done an episode of The Sonic Hour, hasn’t it? Well, the wait for Series 5 is almost over, as I can tell you that The Sonic Hour will be returning to SEGASonic Radio on Sunday 28th June, 6pm BST! Save the date in your calendar, kiddies. We’ll probably have breadsticks to commemorate the occasion.

Now, the other big news this Summer is the return of the real-life fan convention known as the Summer of Sonic. Yes, it’s still happening, and yes it’ll still be on August 29th, 2009 in London, UK. We’re very close to finalising the venue, and we’ll be able to announce loads soon (in the meantime, I may tease some bits on my Twitter account!) – in the meantime, check out the new Summer of Sonic 2009 website! Click here to visit SOS 09!

All good stuff, yes? Yeaaaah it is. I have one or two more announcements left to give you guys, but I’ll wait a few days before I let loose on details there. 🙂 Enjoy listening to SSR, check out the IRC Chatroom and get psyched for the return of The Sonic Hour, and get doubly-excited for the Summer of Sonic 2009!

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Founder of The Sonic Stadium and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic convention. Loves talking about Sonic the Hedgehog in his spare time. Likes Sonic Colours a little too much for his own good, apparently.


  1. The return of ‘The Sonic Hour’…?

    Can I drool please…? *drooooooooooooool* Mmm… Peanut butter sandwich with TSH-jam filled goodness… *drools some more*

    Anyways I’m hoping this comment gets through cuz the one I posted on SOS09 website didn’t work! X_X;; In case it doesn’t show up I’ll add it here for reference:


    We need more booze, more women, more organic plant material so that we can attract Australia’s top border security patrol units to search the hall, more Eggman sauce, more bread sticks, more kangaroos, more ‘My Chemical Romance’… *SHOT SHOT SHOT*…

    Gosh, what the hell am I saying?

    A-hem, excuse my poor humour Svend, but you know me I’m cool with whatever’s being planned for this year – just make sure the dates don’t change, my air ticket to the UK is about to be processed in the next hour! XD

    But yeah mancheers for this spankin’ new website! It looks sweet as and I hope that you, Kev and the rest of the team will continue to make every effort in making this event as special as the last one we had.

    Do I have any suggestions for the event? Not that I can think of at the moment. I will surely pass on any when I do and you know that. ^_~

    Keep up the amazing work, I’m ever looking forward to catching up with you all in London and beyond in the coming months!! ^__^

  2. I have a suggestion… and… you may have heard me suggest this one once or twice before…

    Can we please do a QI/Have I got Sonic News for you themed quiz at the event… and can I be the host? Please… Please… I’ll… bring ice cream….?

  3. I was really wondering what happened to SSR when it was down for a long time still – so that explains it! The Sonic Hour? As part of The Sonic Show? Man, I LOVE those shows. I really like the animated shorts that they feature that are drawn all crappily, too. I wish so badly that I could make it to SoS 09 but alas, I have school and everything here in the US. I want to get a plane ticket. That would probably be cool if they had a separate convention here in the states. Anyways, I would really like to go to the SoS in the UK. I want to go to Europe so I will have to plan it for during that time. The end.

  4. Another suggestion.

    Set up two TVs and two megadrives with two copies of Sonic 2 in them… pick two people from the audience to have a race… first one to defeat the emerald Hill boss wins.

  5. Cool, but couldn’t you get it here into the united states! I can’t get to the UK 🙁

    Unrelated note: Something weird happened with my last comment. It was on a Sonic Kart 🙂 article, and when I submitted it, it didn’t show. What Happened?

  6. Just an FYI, the layout’s messed up in Internet Explorer. The blog is’nt in the template and is covered up by the footer. Can’t wait to start listening!

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