SEGA Updates SSASR Formats…Again

SEGA Updates SSASR Formats…Again

You may have seen our article we published last Sunday regarding SEGA changing the formats list on their sites for upcoming game Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. On Thursday 28th May SEGA announced the game to be coming to Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, DS and PC but a few days later SEGA edited the PS3 version on their sites from PLAYSTATION®3 to Playstation® Network indicating the game was going to be download only on that format which made some PS3 owners a bit annoyed.

SEGA also added the PC version to its U.S. site as PC Download indicating a download only version on that format too despite the PC DVD logo in the trailer. No PC version listing was anywhere to be found on the European site.

Now SEGA have updated the formats list again on both the U.S. and European sites. On both the U.S. and European sites the PS3 version has been changed from Playstation® Network to PLAYSTATION®3, the European site has now finally added the PC version as simply PC but the U.S. site still lists it as PC Download.

So, PS3 version now on Blu-Ray, Europe PC version on disc and U.S. PC version download only. What do you guys think of these confusing developments? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I think that development is playing a joke on marketing and they’re releasing conflicting information. Any further changes won’t count as real “news” for another month or so until they get their facts straight.

  2. Well gamestop and amazon has this game listed for pre-order for the PS3, so I’m going with it’ll be available on a physical medium.

  3. I wish it were downloadable for the Wii.. I hate going to the store *hisses at sunlight*

  4. I’m hope every version of the game isn’t download. I mean, it’s much easier to buy it in a store, and if somethings goes wrong with the internet, you’re ******.
    So, it’s better to just buy it.
    But I’m going to but it for 360 or Wii, and they’re only talking about the PS3 and PC, so I hope those versions isn’t downloadable.

  5. Maybe in the next genration of game systems all games will be downloadable but this would suck if they actually happened.
    No reselling or preowned deals and no cool collection of game boxes. lame

  6. I think SEGA should have finalized the decision internally before releasing news to anyone. It’s just silly and makes a companies image of professionalism go down the proverbial toilet. Not that they seemed to have one of late. (possibly ignoring The Conduit)

  7. Then you two think alike!

    Poor, poor idiots. They should have probably worked all of this out in pre-production… which I do believe is a word relating to film. Oops.

  8. well i am happy with that (=
    looks like sega realized that gamers want discs not only data thingies.

  9. Mario Kart rip-off. SEGA needs to make up something thats F**KING ORIGINAL!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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