Pocket Gamer’s Handheld Sonic Retrospective

Pocket Gamer’s Handheld Sonic Retrospective

With Sonic 1’s arrival on the iPhone, popular handheld gaming website, Pocket Gamer UK, released a short, two-part retrospective on the hedgehog’s adventures on mobile devices.  From the Game Gear, Game Boy Advance, and mobile phones, Pocket Gamer touches base with all the hits and misses with a brief synopsis and review.

It’s a fun read and a quick trip down memory lane.  Oh, Sonic Labyrinth, we all love you thiiiiiis much.

Part 1 of PCUK’s Retrospective

Part 2 of PCUK’s Retrospective

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Slingerland is a staff writer and editor for both The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro. His area of emphasis is the inner-workings of the games and laughing at everything.


  1. Sonic Labyrinth was rubbish imo. A Sonic game where you can’t run properly? That’s like playing a Mario game and saying that you can’t jump!

  2. Remember how in Sonic Labyrinth you could pause and move the screen about the map? Made playing too easy. You start the level, review the map with no time lost, then finish it well before the timer hits 0. All while walking of course.

  3. @ jix hedgehog
    wow didnt think that a guy like you excist but i wont bash you
    well sonic adventure 2 is my FAVOURITE sonic game

  4. The writer is a Tails hater and a speed junkie, according to my fanboy sense. He also calls Sonic a marsupial. >:o

    It’s a good retrospective though. Seems like there’s always another “series review” from somewhere whenever Sonic hits a milestone. More interesting than the actual reviews are the way the opinions of the games have changed over time.

  5. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

    Did I just see somebody respect somebody’s opinion in the SONIC community? Either:

    a) I died and went to heaven.
    b) Christmas came early.
    c) Cool people exist in this dark corner of the internet.

    Hi5, Eggman123.

  6. Finally, everyone (including myself a little) isn’t bashing each other. Now let’s “play it safe” like Jason Griffith.

  7. @STULF: Yeah, but Jason Griffith can’t act, 4Kids sucks, and he’s a douchebag. Sorry.

    And SA2 was good. Really, really good.

  8. @Brad Flick
    what kind of sonic community are you using, people respect others comments everyday on ssmb

  9. The one where people flip shit when Sonic games get blasted by the mainstream media (i.e. every console Sonic this generation). You know… the regular one?

  10. @brad flick
    hi5 (= !
    but i think the community got a lot better since your big kill all the troll campaign

  11. @ Extaticus: Why does everyone hate Jason? He’s an awesome voice actor. And I have no comment about 4kids because I’m starting to lose faith in them. The only thing I like about them now is the Viva Pinata TV Show and their awesome singers.

  12. @ Extaticus:
    You killed it! Now everyone is fighting! Wah! So much for “playing it safe.”

  13. No offense to the slingerland but I quit bashing the sonic the sonic stadium(which was the only people I ever bashed) because slingerland hasnt said anything. I learned that he was the only basher in TSS with his news stories like “sonic on the xbox doesnt always suck” and stuff like that and lets not forget that picture he made with a comment about the recent sonic games and sega where the line sonic said in that picture was “watch out your going to suck!” in otherwords slingerland was the only member of the sonic fanbase I absolutely hated.

    As for the line “Lets play it safe like jason griffith” that was one of the most well thought out lines in history and that should also be used in an anti bashing or trolling thing. the possibilities are never ending “dont fight, sonic fanbase, lets just all get along and play it safe like jason griffith!” or something like that.

  14. Did I come up with that? Honestly it just came to me within thirty seconds, I suppose that is some thought. Now I’m just going on the idea that I came up with it (I have low self esteem when it comes down to things like this), but I did use the line for anti bashing and trolling. Now I need to “play it safe” before I sound like a weirdo.

    @ Edge:
    I know what you mean, but I don’t think it was just Slingerland. Things like that have a little bit of everyone to blame, because we all bash something every now and then. As for Slingerland, he did do most of it, especially with the articles that you mentioned.

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