New Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Screenshots

New Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Screenshots

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One of the more surprising announcements to come out of E3 for Sonic fans, perhaps swamped by all the news of motion controllers and revamped handhelds, was the announcement of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. I think a lot of people were wondering, after a few attempts at tacking the hedgehog onto a racing game, when exactly SEGA were going to try and go for Mario Kart’s crown as multiplayer king. It certainly seems to have some quirks to it, when you watch the gameplay videos that have gone online. It could well be the manic, fun and non-super-hyper-realistic-epic racing game that Sonic Riders never really was.

As much as I’m dying to get my hands on the gameplay to make a final judgement, I’m most impressed with the design of the game. A lot has been borrowed from Sonic’s past, including the Green Hill/Seaside Hill fusion that brilliantly has some loops and other crazy things involved. But a lot has been spent towards other ‘Superstars’ in SEGA’s lineup too, including a Bill Hatcher stage which I heart. Because Billy Hatcher is awesome. It just seems like, while games such as Sonic 06 and Sonic Riders had a premise which didn’t fit Sonic’s style whatsoever, this racing game just gels with the character of Sonic perfectly.

SEGA put up a load of high-res screenshots recently, so we’ve taken the liberty of putting them on TSS for you to download. They’re from the 360/PS3 versions of the game, and they’re quite large. Use them as a wallpaper or something. That’s what I’m doing with that gorgeous Green/Seaside Hill track screenshot there.

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  1. nice…the hedgehog will strike back!
    And it allm starts with this a jewe… erm i mean a good racing game

  2. Level Design is as outstanding as ever =) really looking forward to this game.
    Also love big on his wooden bike in the background there xD

  3. “It just seems like, while games such as Sonic 06 and Sonic Riders had a premise which didn’t fit Sonic’s style whatsoever, this racing game just gels with the character of Sonic perfectly.”

    What about Unleashed?

  4. unleashed was a great game only the werehog wasnt made right
    daytime was a blast (=

  5. I was talking about the style.

    Personally, I think that the cartoony look fits Sonic like a glove, not that 06 realistic crap.

  6. I’m loving the smoothness of the graphics.
    I think my favorite screenshot is the one with Amy, Tails and Eggman in Seaside Hill. The screenshot of Sonic after passing the loop and close to the item boxes looks pretty neat too.

  7. @Humble Fellow: Unleashed was pretty cool, but I think the world surrounding Sonic was too based on ‘realism’. It was like Flintstones-versions of real life. 😛 I didn’t really dig that. I love crazy, unfathomable stuff in a Sonic stage/world, like crazy loops and imaginative colour schemes. It’s one of the reasons Eggmanland is my favourite level in Sonic Unleashed, actually.

    That and I never really dug the humans either, but they beat the crap out of the scary mannequins in Sonic 06! 😀

  8. @Dreadknux: That’s the same reson that Sonic Heroes is one of my all time favourites, and I don’t care what anyone says!

  9. @Edwin: I hear that! It’s tricky, but no so much as to be frustrating, which is just the way I like my games.

  10. more mario kart copy? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Sonic Riders is Excellent, but Sonic all star racing is a !@#$%^&*%^#@
    Sonic Riders have a original idea, but this game it’s the same of mario kart and Diddy Kong Racing!

  11. 08Sonic : So what there`s been alot of racing games like Mario Kart & Diddy Kong Racing & now quit conplaining or another spam fest of how this game is a rip off starts again !

  12. Everything LOOKS good at the moment but I’m really not confident that this will work due to Sonic Teams track record. Sorry to bring everyone down but I’d rather wait til it’s released before making asumptions.

  13. zuel : & your smart for doing this … & like the saying “Never judge a book by it`s cover” or in the matter “Don`t judge a game but it`s gameplay” 🙂

  14. I got an Eggscelent idea! Instead of dubbing it a sequence of letters I could never memorize, because I’m special, let’s call it Sonic Kart. Anyone? Anyone?

  15. They Should Put Chao World from SA2B and put Mephiles as a Playable Charachter in This game

  16. the only thing Im not liking about the game is the roster
    they are including way too many Sonic charas, and Im pretty sure there are some left to announce (either Silver or Knuckles) and the only non Sonic characters so far are Amigo and AiAi, if they keep adding more Sonic charas instead of non-Sonic characters the game should be called “Sonic Kart Racing” and remove the “Sega All-star”

    I dont want this to become another Super Star Tennis (60% Sonic. 40% other)

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