More New M&SATOWG Screens, Silver Confirmed

More New M&SATOWG Screens, Silver Confirmed

Some more new screenshots of both the Wii and DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games have appeared from E3 on Sonic fansite Planete Sonic. The most interesting of the screens is the above screenshot(click to go large) of Tails skiing in what looks like one of the Dream Events but what is so interesting you ask? Eagle eyed SSMB Member speedfreak has pointed out a Silver The Hedgehog icon flag among the other character icon flags in the background confirming him to be a playable character in this game.

Silver was discovered to be a playable character in the Wii version of the last game at one point in development when leftover data was discovered in the final game so it’s no surprise they would add him in to this title. We’ll keep an eye open for any further media/info on this game as it happens.

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  1. haha!! Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about Silver should be in this game!! SWEET KARMA!!…coincidence…whatever you wanna call it >.>;;;

  2. Great. Another Game with pot head in it. Oh well, hopefully he won’t be such a noob in this game that I need to throw myself off a cliff. Oh well, I don’t have to play as him, do I? But if they put the Tails Doll in there along with Fang/Nack and Princess Sara (YEAH I CAN DREAM LEAVE ME ALONE), I will be the first one to get this game…as soon as I get a Wii…

  3. I dont know on closer insepction silver has red eyes meaning it could be shadow or super sonic suffering palette problems but if it is then all who i wanted are in

  4. I had a feelinh he’d be in.

    Now all we need is Marine and we’d have the whole dimension/future crew!

  5. I’ve only just noticed, but the crowd in that sceenshot looks annoyingly cardboard esque

  6. i still wonder who will win?
    the story of sonic rush or 06 and rivals?
    please sega make some sense with the dimension and future thingy (=

  7. Well, that’s the colabaration project the voice actor was refering to..
    No Capcom vs Sega *sob sob*

  8. @Eggman123: Probably not 06. I think Sonic Team knew the game was going to suck, so they made that “erased from history” ending so all the events didn’t actually happen or didn’t even matter.

  9. Woooot silver is in the game!
    The only character that should be in it now is jet but even if he dose make the cut I am still V.pleased with the charcters

  10. @Humble Fellow: I still don’t see what was wrong with the game’s story. It was good to me. The only thing that was bad was the glitchy gameplay. Otherwise, it was a pretty good game.

  11. Why is everyone still complaining about 06? I thought it was the best game in the series with the exception of Unleashed. and thats coming from someone that grew up with the 2D games.

  12. @Jix Hedgehog
    Ah yes I remember now that you mention it. This must have been it.
    I love Silver…he reminds me of me. lol.

  13. Yes! Silver’s in the game! I hope Silver’s voice doesn’t sound annoying like it did in Sonic ’06. I hope Rosalina, Rouge, Birdo, Espio, and Charmy make the cut.

  14. @humble fellow:
    Sega made that future thingy goes on with rivals because nega comes with silver out of the future O_o
    about 06 everybody has his own opinion i think most sonic games are better but not all are like 3d blast (i hate that one)

  15. To be honest with you all, I’ve never actually played 06. (I’m a Nintendo purist.) All I’ve got to go on are reviews and Youtube.

    @Eggman123: Oh yeah, I forgot about that part.

    Maybe Eggman nega found a way to jump between the two worlds?

  16. @ everyone talking about eggman nega : Here is my idea : It`s possible the Rush Eggman Nega is from the Rush Blaze`s universe & the Eggman Nega in Rivals could be one from Silver`s timeline universe or they could be clones like ones in the comic book series …

  17. Humble : Yes out of all the sonic characters I mostly study this weird eggman nega thing maybe SEGA finally did something smart by doing this but who doesn`t love a brain teaser ๐Ÿ™‚ & this is a pretty damn good one !

  18. I hope for one of the following characters,

    Mario’s Team

    Bowser Jr.
    Diddy Kong

    Sonic’s Team

    Jet the Hawk
    Big the Cat
    EX-100 the Robot

  19. Bobber : Sweet you also want Jet,Birdo,Rosalina,Diddy,Rouge playable but who the heck is EX-100 ? & Big is kinda hard to see playable but then again they could super size his snowboard & skis ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I can explain blazes future and alternate universe existance, but I think eggmans might be a little difficult.

    at the end of silvers story she goes off to an alternate universe. that is the one from sonic rush. Although elise destroyed the events of 06 which means it erased her going to another universe in the timeline that silver is in.BUT it didnt destroy blaze entering the rush universe from the timeline of that universe.

    That or blaze is retarted and thinks that the future is an alternate universe.

    and as for eggman nega same as blaze(hes retarted and thinks the future is an alternate universe). or rivals is non-canon

  21. That’s too confusing for me to fellow. I admit I wondered how the whole entire Silver, Blaze, Eggman N (I say N because Nega sounds like something else), and the alternate dimension/future thing worked, but it complicates Sonic too much for me to enjoy.

  22. They only put the reasonable characters from Mario & Sonic Olympics Games,they can’t just put random characters from sega!!!???, but this is even better with more sports events not just hammer throw,skeet,and Track and Field etc. btw more characters new characters like Metal Sonic and Donkey Kong etc. ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. I think this will be the new characters in the game.

    ”Donkey Kong, Big the Cat”

    ”Birdo, Silver the Hedgehog”

    ”Bowser Jr.”,”Metal Sonic”

    ”Rosalina”,”Rouge the Bat”

  24. Guess What, Bowser Jr. is going to be in the sequel. it was seen on Mario Wiki, Type this on Google. ”Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Bowser Jr.”, then find Mario Wiki [Talk], then go to the one before Vector Confirmed!.

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