eBay Watch: 1997 Talking Sonic Plush Loves His SEGA

eBay Watch: 1997 Talking Sonic Plush Loves His SEGA

Talking Sonic Plush 1997

By 1997, young Sonic fans had gotten to hear Sonic speak in Sonic CD and on several cartoon shows. So imagine their delight when a talking Sonic the Hedgehog plush was released! Sonic talking in your home, right in front of you! Would have been exciting to hear Sonic say a cool phrase to you huh? So, squeeze his belly and what does he say?

“SEGA!” Oh Sonic, you silly guy. Let’s squeeze again.
“SEGA!” Ok… let’s try again.
*10 times later* “SEGA!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love SEGA. And advertising does bring more money, certainly. But surely a talking Sonic plush should say something a bit cooler and with attitude like his various lines from the TV shows? If the word ‘SEGA’ had to be there then OK, but the creators could have put a few more words/lines in there. That’s my rant over, what do you guys in the Sonic community think? Is this what the 1997 Sonic crowd wanted in their talking Sonic plush toys? Let us know in the comments.

If you guys are interested in this plush you can now get one on eBay. There is currently a boxed one on eBay.com and a loose one on eBay.co.uk. You guys in the U.S. have just over 2 days to bid and at the moment there are no bids and you guys in the UK had better be quick as the item is a Buy It Now listing for £19.99 or you can pitch an offer to the seller.


  1. Well I suppose It’s better that he said SEGA instead of Nintendo. Since the poor production values of this plushie make it look like someone crapped it out on a local market.

  2. I’d rather it predicted the future with it’s sayings… “Beware the year of our lord 06.” “The name Simon jeffery won’t be important” “I will unleash! And it will be bloody good!” “The claw is my master” “The summer shall belong to me” “Sonic Riders 3… beyond infinity!”

  3. Does he say ‘SEGA’ the way it was done in the games, like, harmoniously or like in Sonic Jam where the guy screamed?

    P.S.-SEGA!!! (Sorry, had to do it! ♡)

  4. I’v got this plush!! I got it from SEGA PARK a while back. Only now the batteries dying, so now it goes *Deep voice* “SEEEEEEGAAAAAAAA…………………..”

  5. “Juice and Jam time”
    “Warp seven”
    “Up, over, and (I forget)”

    You get the idea, SatAM and AoSth.

  6. HOLAS: ™

    well…. i could picture myself doing something like that:

    me: so….. what do you like?

    sonic: sega!

    me: what’s your favourite console?

    sonic: sega!

    me: would you like to work for a big gaming company?

    sonic: sega!

    me: OH MY…. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!!!!! ToT….. oh.. wait a minute…a ren’t you working for sega already?

    sonic: sega!

    me: yeah…. BTW what do you want to eat tonight?

    sonic: sega!

    me: WTF!!!!!!????????? THATS NOT CANNON!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U LI3K CHILI DOGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¬¬

    *trows doll to the incinerator*


  7. Rip the doll apart at the back, take out the voicebox, bring a blank one to SOS2009 and get some random people to yell into it. Then put it in, stitch the doll back up, and voila! Now he says, “Screw you, SEGA!”

  8. The Tails plush companion to this doll was the cutest Tails plush I had ever seen (and the only one I own). Actual furry tails, the little hair tuft and a well done face.

  9. Aww it looks so cute…yet…those eyes, they hunger! XD I know this is vintage and all, but even back then, Sonic plushies were badly made. It’s very fuzzy 🙂

  10. I think he should’ve said “I’m waiiitiinng” (AoStH) too.

    No cruddy SatAM quotes.

  11. Heh, I used to have one of those. The voice box is all worn out now. All it says is Ssssssshhhhhheeeeegggggaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrwwwwww*static*

  12. Hey I have that one. It doesn’t say SEGA though anymore. Instead it makes a weird raspy sound like an atom bomb went off.

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