E3 ’09: SSASR Gameplay Footage (Cam)

E3 ’09: SSASR Gameplay Footage (Cam)


Things to note:

  • It’s Mario Kart, but shinier.
  • Big the Cat is back.  Yessssssssssssss…
  • Shadow is back on his motorcycle.
  • Billy Hatcher themed track.
  • The 7 Chaos Emeralds are one of the game’s power-ups, allowing players to go “Super.”  Combine MK’s “Bullet Bill” and famous “Blue Shell” and that’s how powerful (and annoying) it looks.  Looks like I’m staying in last place until the final lap and blowing by everybody.
  • When Super Sonic hits people, it looks like he gives them the finger.  Funny.
  • Aaaand just for fun: the shoe power-up makes cars go faster. 

Enjoy this video of Sonic and Sega All-SonicStars Sonic Racing featuring Sonic.

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  1. Who ever’s playing this really can’t take corners XD
    On the other hand, I’m sold on the game. It really does look like Mario Kart, but I’m not complaining. Mario Kart is awesome, despite its flaws. Add some characters I actually care about playing as and I’m sold. Throw in some Sonic Nostalgia, I’m buying controllers for more people to play. Throw in trophies, online play and keep what I saw in this video (Sonic showboating, riding the car LIKE A SURFBOARD while driving, which is badass) and I’m buying drinks.

  2. @Humble Fellow: the controls arent to everyones taste and some people say its to the game is to childish and easy compared to the older mariokart games

  3. Big the cat on what seems to be a motor bike ftw =D I for one am glad to see him back =D

  4. I’m not much for racing games, but I do enjoy Mario Kart. This game does look a lot like it, but it does seem to stand on its own. I think I’m going to get it just to see some funny super forms (Super Eggman XD).

  5. Olympic Winter Games is first on my list, then I’ll get this one eventually. I might wait, I got Unleashed for 20 bucks because I waited for the price to go down. I got Superstar Tennis for 8 dollars by waiting. I think this game looks great, but I have a hunch it will be in the 20 dollar been by February.

  6. The handling looks a bit dodgy, and I find it annoying that Sonic’s constantly leaping out of his seat flipping gestures off left right and centre but if it turns out to be the pile of harmless fun that it should be then I’ll be happy. I would MUCH rather have this than Sega announce another storybook title or attempt to rejuvenate the series with the gimmick of the year.

  7. This looks really cool! The way Sonic showboats in the car and the power ups are definitely a reason to get the game, plus if they add more characters I’d like to play.

  8. Looks interesting, but the slide looks too much like in SA2’s kart tracks. >_<

    Seems like an odd choice for a Billy Hatcher track… Billy a shoe-n for playable?

    Also, I hope that they actually give all the Super forms designs. That’d be SWEET. Though maybe certain characters only get certain items…? After all, the items Sonic got seemed rather limited, and I think I saw someone (Amigo?) drive by with a hammer item that I don’t think Sonic ever saw on his roulette.

  9. The controls look a little to tight, they need to be loosened up (that’s what was wrong with Sonic Riders 2)

    Graphics look solid, but the characters (esp. Sonic), actually move to damn much.
    Now, Ive been wanting to see more personality in the Sonic characters… but He just looks like he’s spazin’ out.

    I do love to see him flipin’ the bird again though (Sonic was becoming to baby/pussy/kid’s games crap.)

  10. the cool thing here is sonic cant hold still…
    He MUST jump around and do cool things like hopping on his car and do some taunts.
    Good Job sega, if sonic would ever drive a car it would be like that!!! (=

  11. I’m sold. I like the Sega Superstars games, and I used to like MarioKart until the more recent editions. This should make up for my lack of interest in most racing games (because I stick to classic characters, like Sonic or Mario). Plus I like to see the other Sega characters like Amigo, Ai-ai, and NiGHTS.

    To anyone else, does this look like a major improvement on a certain mini-game from SA2(B) at all? Or is it just me?

  12. This actually doesn’t look that bad, and I love how they made sonic all fidgety in his car, this is the 3rd SEGA SUPER STARS in it’s series…but what could come next…..(lol basketball)

  13. @Humble Fellow: While I personally love Mario Kart Wii, and as much as I disagree with people who say it is completely ruined by the blue shells, I do have to agree on a minor note that sometimes they are quite infuriating XD So technically a flaw in my opinion, if minor. Also the Wii itself is flawed with the inability to cope with a good friend system, which was unfair for such a beautiful game like Mario Kart, who cried for friends around to world to play with XP

    Which is why I’m opting for this game on PS3 =3 That and I’m addicted to trophies… but mostly the friends thing XD

  14. I heard some SEGA fans want SEGA to change the name to “SEGA SuperStars Racing” do u guys think that sounds better than Sonic & the sega all Stars Racing ?

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