BlueTube: Jason Griffith Plays It Safe

BlueTube: Jason Griffith Plays It Safe


Lady and gentlemen, Jason Griffith wears a condom.  You should, too.

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Slingerland is a staff writer and editor for both The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro. His area of emphasis is the inner-workings of the games and laughing at everything.


  1. Oh man, I saw this a few weeks ago (thanks to FTA from HellFireComms)and whenever I her Griffith speak, I can only see Sonic. Holy c*&@, that’s some major stuff right there. But, at least he’s playin’ it safe. ♡

  2. If you just close your eyes and picture Sonic saying that to Amy… it doesn’t miss the mark by that much..

  3. When there’s no news.. post a link to a youtube video that was mentioned a couple of weeks ago!

    *Thumbs up*
    Best stick to voice acting?

    LoL… stick


    The advert seems to present his semi-angry-determined voice as sexy. I don’t know if I’m in a position to agree or not. Saying no makes me feel sorry for poor Jason (I honestly hate putting the guy down). Saying yes gets ninety-nine-point-seven-five percent of the English fanbase attacking me and probably calling me something along the lines of a ‘****-retarded ****ing whore who sucks 4Kids ****’…

    Though, to be honest, if he voices Sonic more like this, I’m pretty sure people will complain a little less.

  5. @Umiyuri: Totally agree with you there. Ryan Drummond he ain’t, but Griffith’s getting better, and Black Knight proved that imo.

  6. Haha, I didn’t expect this to be posted on here.
    For the record, I posted the video on Retro after Slingerland’s post.

  7. @umiyuri
    all 4 kids guys are getting better… (i dont know about silver he had only one appearence)
    but tails, sonic and espically knuckles got better.
    lets just stop bit**** about 4 kids we will all like them better if the rest of the game is good also

  8. @Egg: I agree. Try as she may, Amy Palent just can’t get a decent voice out of Tails that doesn’t make him sound like a girl.

    Well, like it or not, we’re stuck with her.

  9. Every time he talked I pictued Tom from Chaotic.

    It’s even funnier because he looks a lot like a teenage Griffith.

  10. FUNNY! I did her Sonic a little bit in there, which just made it even funnier. Especially that rant around the end. That just screamed not Sonic voice, but Sonic life style. Not to say Sonic is a womanizer, but how he’s always running around the world.

  11. He sounded funny, I didn’t hear much sonic-ism in his voice (mabye I’m stuck with Junichi’s voice), but a great ad none the less.

  12. @Umiyori: You, my friend, are a ****-retarded ****ing whore who sucks 4Kids ****!

    Just kidding. I’m English you see, so every burger-boy from the good old US of A is automatically prejudiced about me! Life is fun…

  13. …Um, thank you, Mr Name-That-Takes-Three-Or-Four-Readings-To-Pronounce-Correctly. Kinda like my name.

    I have no idea what half your comment even translates into, but thank you. XD

  14. While we’re on the subject of Jason Griffith, I’ve just that he may be in the new Transformers movie.

    Apparently, he’s voicing Sideswipe.

  15. @ Humble Fellow:
    Is he really voicing in Transformers. I’m not a huge Transformers fan, but I do watch it. I liked the first and want to see the second one horribly bad, but learning that it’s Sonic the Hedgehog influenced makes me want to die to see it. I’m neutral with Jason, but knowing there’s a little bit of Sonic in there is awsome!

    @ Stephen
    Did he get a Chaos Emerald? Did he defeat Robotniks protection bot? Did he make it to the STD Zone? The unwanted pregnancy Zone? ADD ON!

  16. @STULF the 20X6 Hedgedog: It’s not 100% confirmerd but it looks that way. It’s a good fit since Sideswipe is a bit Sonic-esque in character.

  17. He sounds like sonic towards the end and that just made it even worse… when you hear sonics voice and that one lady that sounds nothing likes a sonic character it makes you think of a really bad fanfic… but what fanfics arent bad… if anyone can think of one please tell me…

  18. @ Humble Fellow:
    Interesting. I did google it and found that it does look that way (finally a reason to watch the credits). I also found out Linkin Park is doing the movie’s main theme “New Divide.” This movie has gone from must to “I WILL DIE AND MY SOUL WILL GO TO HELL IF I DON’T SEE THIS MOVIE” must (I’m not religous :)).

  19. @STULF the 20X6 Hedgehog: Sorry to bring you down like this, but I saw the movie yesterday, and it wasn’t Griffith.

    Like I said, not 100% confirmed.

    Still a great film though.

  20. @ Humble Fellow:
    Oh Well! I wanted to see it before we thought Jason was in there any way.

  21. …Lol, I thought first that you was going to show us a clip from a porn movie or something. But this is just…eerrrr, yeah. Well, I hope it teaches kids something. Lol!

  22. Lol, not a topic you bring up around the dinner table but hilarious all the same.
    @Humble Fellow: I watched it yesterday, but I didn’t pick up his voice. Then again all the deceptecons and autobots voices are so computerised it would be hard to pick him out from all the exploding and yelling.

  23. …………..I don’t think I;m gonna be playing any Sonic for a while, ’cause this most likely going to keep popping into my head whilst I play.

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