U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners get Mazuri DLC

U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners get Mazuri DLC


U.S. PS3 owners of Sonic Unleashed have caught up to Xbox 360 owners again with the Mazuri Adventure Pack released on the Playstation Store yesterday.

Here’s some information released on the Official U.S. Playstation Blog

Sonic Unleashed Mazuri Adventure Pack ($2.99)
Download an all-new Mazuri adventure! From tree-tops to sand-stone structures, four daytime & two nighttime stages await you in this exotic town built on reddish-brown soil. This pack includes three brand new stages and three new missions. Be sure and download the other location packs to unleash the full Sonic experience!
Note: These stages are accessed in Mazuri, so unlocking Mazuri is a requirement to play these additional stages.
File size: 678 MB

U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners can also purchase and download the Holoska Adventure Pack which was released on Playstation Store two weeks back.

EU PS3 owners haven’t received any packs this week so will have to continue waiting for their Holoska and Mazuri packs.

Check back next week for further Sonic Unleashed downloadable content updates!

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  1. Even Though I dont have an Xbox Or PS3 YEAH!!!!!!! I wish nintendo did stuff like this though

  2. Agreed! When are Nintendo going to organize their online infrastructure… maybe with Wii 2?

  3. What about Holoska for Xbox 360 in Europe? I’ve downloaded it a week ago and no one has even mentioned it yet.

  4. Okay first of all Im very sorry for acting like a dick

    second of all your site doesnt suck I just dont like you guys bashing the newest sonic game in most news stories

    3rd of all good job on finaly reporting on a PS3 US pack

    4th I still havent seen any holoska PS3 pack news

    5th Nintendo is way to creative with names to add a freaking number at the end of a console there will be no Wii2 the next nintendo will have a different name

  5. LowCaloriePie:
    Bloody hell no. SU for the Wii is already desperate enough, letting the PS3/360 version having everything while Wii version is left in dust is gonna cause some havoc for Wii owners.

  6. TwiiWii??? what about easii because the games are all easy Or maybe Xbox 360/PS3 Rivalii?

  7. @shadster

    Yeah Well I was really just pointing out what I didnt like about the site and everyone just started bashing me into the ground just because I dont like a thing about a site…

    and good job about reporting about the holoska pack finally It just felt odd not seeing a report about that on the site thats supposed to be the biggest sonic fansite in the world, yet I looked at every other fansite and saw it on there.

    Unfortunately I still havent gotten to get any of the new packs. I only had enough PSN points to download Chun-nan and spagonia

  8. can a european ps3 and SU use the ameriacan download i have a american account in the psn and could dpownload them but can i use them?

  9. @jake. Well If the sonic the werehog toy was in canada then the S&tBK toy is also there.

    I really dont know since I dont live there.

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