Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles XBLA Coming This Summer

Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles XBLA Coming This Summer


SEGA UK have today confirmed SEGA Vintage Collection 2 for Xbox Live Arcade. Among the games to be released in the new collection are Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic 3 has been known about for a while after the achievements were released to the net a few weeks back which you can check out in our article here.

Sonic & Knuckles will also include the lock-on feature we informed you about 2 weeks ago if you have Sonic 3 and Sonic 2, a feature missing from the recent SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection version.

Other games to be released in this collection are –
Gunstar Heroes(XBLA, PSN)
Comix Zone(XBLA)
Shinobi (Arcade) (XBLA)
Phantasy Star II (XBLA)
Altered Beast (XBLA)

New features in the games will include:
Re-worked for High-Definition
Online Leaderboards
Network Play (Excludes Phantasy Star II, Shinobi, Comix Zone)

All of the games are currently planned to be released summer 2009 except for Sonic & Knuckles which will be released late summer 2009. No news on the collection being released outside of the UK yet but we will update you when we hear news.

SEGA Of America have confirmed in their blog that the games will be released in the U.S. too.

Also, SEGA have posted a blog entry about this news on their European blog confirming their release in the whole of Europe.

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  1. Oh, for the UK? That probably means that it’ll hit the US XBLA probably a few months after. My bet is on late fall.

  2. @ stuhp
    Just updated the article as you posted. SEGA of America have confirmed the games for the U.S. and AAUK has posted a blog entry about the games on the SEGA Europe blog confirming their release across the whole of Europe.

  3. Those poor owners of Ultimate MD Collection are forced to rebuy the Sonics if they want the Knuckles features.

    Wonder if this includes Blue Sphares or whatever its called….

  4. @ The Angelic One: Yes Blue Sphere will be inclueded provided you have already DL Sonic 1 on XBLA.

    As everyone recalls the reason that S&K’s Lock-On was not added to the MD/Genesis Collection was the lack of space. which is not true. The real reason is that 95% (or more) of the MD/Genesis games will not work with the Lock-On, everyone knows 1 of 2 things occur when they Lock-On a MD/Genesis game other than Sonic 2 & Sonic 3. For example if you were to Lock-On Sonic Spinball onto Sonic & Knuckles you’ll only play Sonic Spinball and nothing else, in other words what ever game you Locked-On that is the game you are playing nothing else. The other occurence would be when you Lock-On a MD/Genesis game you’ll get the “NO WAY? NO WAY!” then that would be a Blue Sphere stage, just like Locking-On Sonic 1, the diffrence is with Sonic 1 you get a whole mess of Blue Sphere stages where as the other games would only have 1 Blue Shere stage. So for them to add the Lock-On to the MD/Genesis Collection would be a useless gesture. And that my friends is the REAL reason why Lock-On feature was not implemented. Sorry for the long rant.

  5. @Stephen

    A lot of people? Most people will probably relax at their house at one point or another, unless you will be doing stuff 24/7.

  6. There’s so many Sonic retro collections around that an announcement of more retro games doesn’t get me pumped. I have Sonic Mega Collection for my Gamecube and I’m happy with that. Come on Sega/Sonic Team get to work on a decent 3D Sonic game!

  7. ya know I was thinking how cool would it be if they had Angel Island (SSBB mix) in there instead of the original music, have the entire music selection remixed or something.

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