PS3 Version of SSASR to be Playstation Network Only

PS3 Version of SSASR to be Playstation Network Only


SEGA Europe and SEGA of America have updated their format listings on their Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing game pages. The Playstation 3 version’s listing has been changed to Playstation Network indicating that format will now only receive a downloadable version of the game on the Playstation Store. This version is still listed for release in Early 2010, so the change hasn’t affected the release date period.

With the early unveiling of PSP GO (the newest PSP model which can only play games downloaded from Playstation Networks Playstation Store), could this sudden change mean there is now a PSP version on the way to help support PSP GO? SEGA have always supported PSP so it’s possible.

SEGA of America’s game page also lists a PC Download version of the game for an Early 2010 release which has been listed there and in the trailer since the games unveiling but is still absent from SEGA Europe’s game page. We’ll let you know if/when this version gets announced for Europe.

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  1. THIS BITES!!! I don’t want to log my PS3 online and I can’t get this game because of that! Damn it all!

  2. Interesting to see big names like SEGA moving away from hard-copies. If this trend continues I can see people without high-speed Internet getting screwed within the next 5 years.

  3. Meh, there’s still nothing on PS3 that interests me enough to get one so I ll still to my Wii and 360 thank you… 😛

  4. Interesting, looks like Sony wants to get a foothold on the ‘downloadable games only’ market that looks to takeover in a year or two with the PS3 and PSP Go [lol]. Good thing I’m not on that ship…

  5. Glad I brought the 360 insted of ps3. I hate downloading games online. MUCH MUCH rather just have a disk. But it might be a good thing if it was playable on psp.

  6. HOLAS: ™

    YAY a pc version…. no need of emulators 😀 (though i buy the original copies……. of sonic games…… and 2 or 3 other franchises)

  7. 360 version better not only be live. I’ve heard over at tssz that the Wii is gettin a similiar thing to this too. Sheesh I don’t want to have to go online to play! I can’t even do that with my 360 as I can’t be bothered paying for Live… whatever the Wii calls its online gaming thingo is free so I COULD use that, whether it could be bothered is another story.
    Nah, I reckon I would, but I wouldn’t be a very happy chap over it all.

  8. @TailstheHedgehog
    This news doesn’t mean you can only play it online. It means to obtain the PS3 and PC versions, you will have to download them from Playstation Network for the PS3 version and an online store for the PC version(most likely Windows Live Marketplace).

  9. It could be a mixup. The ending of the trailer had the PCDVD logo, so it won’t be download only for PC.

  10. @Shadzter: Sorry Shadzter my bad, it sounds like a childish excuse but I honestly didn’t mean to say it like that. Hehe, my point was I would need to be able to access Xbox Live first off, which I can’t or more simply: can’t be bothered.
    Not that it matters now anyway, as it seems confirmed that every platform apart from PC will sport a physical copy.

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