Konnichiwa! We’re Back!

Konnichiwa! We’re Back!

joypolisWell, I’ve spent a good two weeks in Tokyo with a bunch of close pals (including T-Bird, who came home with a truckload of Sonic merch – check out his latest article here) and had a real blast. Again, it seems Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t quite at the forefront of gamer’s minds in Japan as he is in the West – it makes for a bit of a strange culture shock. We’ve had many funny looks from otherwise courteous Japanese store assistants every time we asked for some ‘Sonikku za Hejihoggu’ merchandise. I guess they’re more into their Pokemon and Dragon Quests there.

Either way, it’s good to be back in Blighty, and my first port of call is to grace TSS’ guest editor, Paul Street, with a huge chunk of special thanks as he rode the site through an awesome Mario and Sonic exclusive for you, as well as keeping you up to date on the latest blue blur happenings. Many thanks to the rest of the TSS team as well as they kept about their business and filled in the blanks for me. You guys are great!

I’m spending the week re-couperating from the holiday so to speak – friends to meet, timezones to adjust to, work to catch up on – but I’ll be whipping up a few more TSS skins for you guys, rebuilding the SEGASonic Radio website and working on a few new pages in the Music Zone as well as working hard on an information page for a few games.

I’ll write in detail my Tokyo journey at a later date. For now, it’s a ‘hello again’ and a business as usual sign. A little reminder by the way that the Xbox 360 competition is now CLOSED and I will be showcasing all the entries (and picking a winner) in a few days time.

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  1. Welcome back Dreadknux, glad to hear you had a great time over there! Sucks Sonic doesn’t seem as well loved over there despite them getting all the merchandse like t-shirts and soundtracks. Can’t wait to hear morea bout your trip.

  2. You must be this tall to ride the Dreadknux.
    What I found most odd was not a lot of people knew who or what Sonic was. In some cases I had to point at a picture of Sonic, and more often than not that didn’t help! Still, managed to get a fair few pieces though!

    I’ll try and throw a few pictures of Sonic related stuffs we saw out and about up at some point.

  3. welcome back guys (=
    now i am excited about theses pictures of ‘Sonikku za Hejihoggu’ (i probabbly never forget that (=)

  4. Wow! Sonic seems to be real dead there, though that’s probably because Sonic has always been targetting American audiences. Nice to have you back.

  5. Nice to see you made it back to your computer safe and sound! Was an awesome holiday guys, I very much appreciate the opportunity to tag along. I should find my computer soon myself…

  6. wow, i never thought most Japanese people would never of heard of sonic,
    I suppose the megadrive was flop over there so they will of missed out on the classics like sonic 2 (my fave of the 2d games)

  7. wow. sonic’s not as popular here in america, either! i mean, it IS extremely popular, but not so popular that you’d find sonic toys at Toys R Us. That’s kinda sad :(. I wish sonic wasn’t so… dead anymore.

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