And The Rest: Japan’s SatBK Site Showcases “Runner Up” Art

And The Rest: Japan’s SatBK Site Showcases “Runner Up” Art


Way back in the Summer last year, not too long after a certain Summer of Sonic, SEGA announced the SatBK art competition in which sixty lucky artists (from SEGA’s American, European and Japanese regions) would have their work immortalised in Sonic and the Black Knight the following spring. The calibre of art produced was staggering, and one can only imagine how much of a difficult choice it was for the judges to select pieces to win the contest.

Fortunately, SEGA of Japan have now put up online the winning entries (so you have longer than 5 seconds to admire them!) along with a large selection of “runner up” entries…some of which are definitely of noteworthy mention, so do take your time and have a long look through some stunning pieces of art. Around 70 entries from the Japanese arm of the contest are now up online to look through.

Who knows, perhaps if we’re lucky enough, the US and UK sites might do similarly (Go pester AAUK)!

You can check out all of the pieces on the Japanese Sonic and the Black Knight Flash Site. Just beware: it is all in Japanese!

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  1. One thing I don’t understand is that you should make a picture of a scene from your favorite game. For exampel, the first picture you can pick is just Sonic. Try to figure out from which game that Sonic is from and from which game does he sit in a white world???
    But anyway, the japanese entries is the best ones. The others suck, maybe not all of them. But the japanese kids seem to know what a picture is, yeah. I know, many is not so good at drawing and they should get their chanses too. But SEGA pickes too many crappy. And one that was “solen” from Mega777, but we alredy know about that.

  2. The U.S. Sega blog showcased some “runner-up” entries shortly after the winners were announced. Mine made it up there, I was so proud. 🙂

  3. I’m not much into fan contests. Doesn’t it just makes people feel worse cause there drawings suck?

  4. I think some pictures are made by children. It would not be fair if it was just pictures of the older and more experienced artists. You should not say to a five-year subscription to it has done is bad for a period of five years is good at drawing but not on the same level as someone who is older, but is good for his age.

  5. AWSOME!
    I do have to say that some of the artwork in the game wasn’t up to snuff (not including the little kid ones). The one in the article here is just jaw dropping, & I’m surprised that wasn’t in the game.

  6. It’s not ALL in Japanese 🙂

    Anyway I like #5… Sonic with the (annoying yet cute) Chos.

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