U.S. Unleashed PS3 Owners Get DLC

U.S. Unleashed PS3 Owners Get DLC


We have just received news that U.S. PS3 owners of Sonic Unleashed have finally received the Chun-nan and Spagonia downloadable content packs in the Playstation Store. Xbox 360 owners in the U.S. have been enjoying these stages for 7 weeks now, even European PS3 owners of the game got the Chun-nan pack a week or two ago.

The Chun-nan Adventure Pack costs $2.99 and it’s file size weighs in at 367 MB and the Spagonia Adventure Pack also cost’s $2.99 with the file size almost double that of the Chun-nan pack at 707 MB.

The Spagonia pack has yet to be released on the European Playstation Store but we’ll update you as soon as it is.

Thanks to Spicylicious at the SSMB for the update!


  1. I don’t care anymore cus I’ve change my mind. I’m going to get SU for 360.
    But the PS3 owner is happy now! Happy ending!

    How much does it cost on this XBOX Live thing. I don’t know anything about download demos and stuff like that on 360. I know some stuff about PLaystation netwirk but 360. I have no idea how that works.

  2. @ Osnic

    I think Xbox live is about 5 dollars… I honestly dont know since I kinda burned my Xbox and sold it to gamestop… for a hundred bucks… to buy sonic and the black knight…

  3. good,good but this took long enough!!!!
    but now i can enjoy this also.
    still i kinda feel sorry for the wii owners i was a nintendo fan also but the wii crushed my love to nintendo

  4. What about Wii owners? Well Wii owners (me included) haven’t played a triple A title in many months. Then again I haven’t played a great Sonic title in years no matter what system so in the grand sheme of things it doesn’t really matter.

  5. I should actually conenct my 360 online some time but it is so much hastle, I have to take it down stairs find a wire, wire it up buy some pionts, take it back up stairs muhhhhhhh plz make an xbox with wireless built in

  6. @Stephen

    Buy the wireless adaptor if you ever get some spare cash. I was reluctant at first but haven’t regretted it ever since I bought it. If you live in the UK, get it £5.00 cheaper off of PC World’s website, theres even the option to order it online then collect it at the store at the £5.00 cheaper price tag. I think you can even send stuff wirelessly to your 360 from a Wi-Fi enabled PC with it if I recall right. I wish they made them in black too to go with my Elite though, the white one just clashes so bad but oh well :p

  7. I bought both of these sat there for 5 hours letting it load up and I installed it checked stage select and the gaia gates and they both didnt work.

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