April Fools: Sonic 2 Beta Secret Reveals Super Tails

Ah, yes… the famous beta of Sonic 2.  It sparked an entire website and became one of the most talked about version of any game out there.  Well, we received a news tip from a fellow named “SonicLoof” a few hours ago and he attached the picture below and explained to us what it is.

Yes what you see here is super tails in Sonic 2 beta.  If you go to hidden place in debug mode and get tails to stand on the master emerald you can make him turn super by holding up and the A B and C buttons.

Get that?  Activate Debug Mode, have Tails position himself on the Master Emerald, hold “up” on the directional pad and press A, B, & C at the same time.  “SonicLoof” also mentioned that Tails is entirely in grayscale when he the code is triggered.  I guess they hadn’t picked out a palette yet during this beta’s development.  You, or the computer (if you’re playing by yourself), can then freely walk around as the gray, jacked-up Tails.

I tried this trick and it indeed works.  I will get a video on The Sonic Show after all of my classes finish today.

What does all this mean?  Super Tails was originally going to be in Sonic 2.  That’s about it.  Oh, Sonic 2 Beta, what don’t you have stored in there?

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Brad, also known as "Slingerland," is a staff writer and editor for both The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro. His area of emphasis is the inner-workings of the games and laughing at everything. Follow him on Twitter. - @bradflick55


  1. I’m not sure whether to believe this or not.

    Sigh… If only Super Tails would appear in a future game…

  2. Has anyone calling April Fools actually tried it out yet? xD I’m awfully tempted to try it when I get home later. But yeah, innocent until proven guilty!

  3. Compared to some of the previous April fools joke TSS has pulled, this is pretty weak.

  4. This is a stupid april fools joke.

    “Oh lets go ge a hidden palace Sprite sheet and then go put a tails transforming sprite from sonic 3 and knuckles!”
    “Yeah no one will ever know! they dont have MSPaint skills! no one can ever do something like this NO ONE!”

    You want a good one then go to Shadow of a Hedgehog I mean Shadow of a Plumber as its called now… THAT was effort.

  5. LOL! If you want Super Tails just play as him in the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2! Or in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
    And this might be a april fool.

  6. Anyone saying this one was weaker isn’t considering the past pranks. TSS has gone up to the point of declaring the site having been sold after several days of outages, which lent it some plausibility to some folks. This is low key, and would probably have gotten past more people were it not for the fact that we have a comment box now.

    Naturally those who hacked through every last sprite of Sonic 2 Beta would have found Super Tails long ago… good try though, Brad.

  7. Like I was really trying and it’s nearly impossible to actually “fool” someone on April 1st anymore.

    Looks like nobody can have any fun ever, even on April Fool’s Day, in the Sonic community.

  8. Ack. I for one think I may have come off wrong- I really enjoyed the hoax, and I actually fell for it for about a minute or so. Again I say kudos to you Brad, excellent attempt!

  9. Oh bah, don’t be so down, Brad. This is the internet, kids are always being “uber serious”.

    Good effort.

  10. oh man brad u got me there!!!! i poped in sonic 2 for my genesis and tried for 20 minutes only to remember to was april fools day! CURSE U BRAD!!! my question is how did u do it?

  11. April Fools!! Everyone called it but it’s at least nice to have a April Fools that isn’t too large in scope and subtlety that we are disappointed when it’s proved false.

  12. All I said when I read this article’s title was, “Aww.”, as I realized what today was. There is a way you can make Tails ‘Super’ though, and it only needs debug mode not beta.

  13. I’ve just thought of what could have been a better gag.

    What about the Pingas Stadium?

  14. I’m dissapointed…you guys usually have better April Fools Jokes…This one is too obvious.

  15. That’s not as cool as that code they revealed last year where you get to play as Ray. Well, it was actually Sonic but with an unfinished Ray skin. I still thought that was pretty cool.

  16. I find it rather sad that some people get angry over April Fools… I fooled a whole bus full of people today, I calmly said to my mum, “Oh look… A zombie” and she along with everyone else looked out of the window… I win!

  17. HOLAS: ™

    i always say, the best way to do a credible “april fools” joke is to do it 2 or 3 days before that day…. then people get fooled, because they would never expect an april fools joke in march 29 amirite? 😛

  18. There was an in game picture of Knuckes in Sonic 1 in an Australian Sega magazine around the time S&K came out

  19. It doesn’t even matter that this is an April fools joke….I was like: “Who cares? Even if it was real, who really gives a damn?”

  20. @ HyperSonicXtreme

    Actually it was originally planned for Knuckles to be in sonic 1 if you had sonic and knuckles but then the sonic 1 lock on became blue sphere instead of knux in sonic the hedgehog

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