SAGE ’09: Submit Awful Sonic Fanfics for Musical

SAGE ’09: Submit Awful Sonic Fanfics for Musical

Last year, during a SAGE radio broadcast (SAGEcast), video game music man, DOM (in his “Andross” voice filter), and other expo goers teamed up to do a dramatic performance of one of the worst Sonic fan-fictions ever, “Jurassic Park and the Sonic Crew.”  This year, they’re doing it again and they need your help.  Find or write an awful Sonic fan-fiction and submit it to InstantSonic, the director of SAGE ’09.

This show is hilarious and it will be again.  Trust me.  If you have a terrible idea, write it down and submit.

Submit an abomination of fiction to “sageradiomania AT gmail DOT com.”

Listen to last year’s “Jurassic Park and the Sonic Crew” recording.

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  1. Oh, not if I can help it! Been waiting to do something like this since I joined the fandom. After all, who doesn’t wanna write bad fanfiction every now and then?

  2. We’ll take any script from anywhere, though I’d prefer to take a fanfic which was legitmitely trying (and failing epically) to be a legit story. But pretty much anything goes.

    We will do it Great Justice.

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