Put Your Face To Faith

Put Your Face To Faith

Face to FaithHow’s this for an Easter treat? We’re teaming up with SEGA Europe to give away an Xbox 360 Elite console, along with a copy of Sonic Unleashed and some other goodies too! I also have an Xbox 360 copy of Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection to give away too, so I’m chucking that in there too. Monster prize, eh? It’s just what we do. Wanna win it? Head to the contest page right now!

As we’re getting through the Media Portal updates, I’ve been working hard to get a few more music pages online at TSS. We’ve just added the Face to Faith vocal soundtrack from Sonic and the Black Knight, and an information page on Bentley Jones’ debut Japanese album, TRANS//LATION. It’s some pretty good stuff, and I urge you to use the links provided on the page to import the albums if you like what you hear (although for the record, we won’t be providing downloads of Bentley’s album – sorry).

On this Easter holiday, you might want to kick back and relive some of your younger days. Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection may be right up your street, and we have a review online now to help you decide whether it’s worth a few bob of your money and time.

Finally, we have yet another old/new addition to the Skin Selector. Rounding off the Triple Threat, I’ve gone ahead and remade the ‘Knucklehead’ theme so you can see red whilst you browse TSS.

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  1. I’m happy that you’ve made the decision not to provide downloads for Bentley Jones’ album. However, I have to say that I think it would be a good idea to do the same for the new S&TBK CD’s. I admit it’s probably not a popular idea but I have to say so as a member of Jun’s site. I think that so long as it can be bought, then it should be bought legally. Still, you’ve given people the option to buy it, so that’s OK. Of course, if it’s out of print or is no OST exists (such as the 8-bit, 16-bit games), then i’ve no problems with that whatsoever. I’ve downloaded everything I can find, but morally I choose not to download the SA OST’s even though it goes for silly money on eBay. I guess it’s my loss. Keep up the good work Svend & co!

  2. “Directly clicking these links will cause you to simply listen to them, which uses up our bandwidth. Don’t be a bandwidth hog (ho ho).”

    Doesn’t zipping each file seperately curtail that?

  3. On the subject of music, my brother just said something which I think is a load of bs.

    He said that “all Sonic games have horrible wailing emo music.”

    Seriously, WTH!?

  4. Edwin means when does the ‘Sonic And The Black Knight Original Soundtrax Tales of Knighthood’ [the non-vocal game tracks] CD is coming out and or will be uploaded here.

    I actually bought ‘Face To Faith’ off of PlayAsia.com today, which should be a nice addition to the very few game soundtrack CDs that I actually own [about 4 or so]. ^-^

  5. NICE! A PINGAS theme should be interesting (oh god, what am I getting into to XD)

    The music is great, it’s funny to see were the music for the Sonic Short five’s “Robotniks Ultimate Weapon” scene comes from (WONDER MAN! XD). The library should become more expansive. After all, Soah has more to its library, and I’m sure with permission that you would be able to get some songs from them. If so, may I ask that the quality of some songs be readjusted. Endless Possibility full is a little off there.

  6. @ humble fellow:
    i think sonic music can be a lot but this is just not right
    well tastes again, wont start trolling

  7. @ Eggman123:
    Not trying to start something, just giving some perspective. I think it was just that someone confused the whole entire library of Sonic music with what is in Shadow’s domain. Simplified, the whole entire thing was judged with knowledge of a small tangent. I think anyone here can say that every single Sonic song does not have depressing or emotional themes.

    @ Humble Fellow:
    I think he was just trying to mess with you. It sounds a little too mislead to me.

  8. Eggman123 & STULF the 20X6 Hedgedog: Well, his idea of emo music is loud guitars and mindless wailing.

  9. @ Humble Fellow

    When was sonic music loud guitars and wailing? 0.o I seriously don’t recall much of any sonic song that was like that, except maybe Shadow the Hedgehog’s soundtrack.

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