Part 1 of Bentley Jones Interview on the Blognik

Part 1 of Bentley Jones Interview on the Blognik

bentleyjonesRaise your hands all of you who made it to the Summer of Sonic last year. Good, all 200+ of you. In that case there’s a good chance some of you saw the great musical performance from Bentley Jones and if you were there a little earlier, the awesome impromptu sing along to Dreams of Absolution with one Bentley Jones watching with a big grin on his face in the background. Oh yes, I saw that!

It’s safe to say at least a few of you here are Bentley Jones fans so you might be interested to know ArchangelUK over on the Blogknik has posted the first of a series of posts featuring an interview with him. It’s well worth a read and it gives an inside look into what to expect from his first album. It also gives an amusing insight into how AAUK tackles with the dreaded Man-Flu, never to be taken lightly.

You can read the interview here and let me know what you think in the comments. How many of you are eagerly awaiting a UK release or have you bought the album from Japan already?  I wonder if Dreadknux ot T-Bird will return with a copy?


  1. 買った!買った!// Got it! Got it!*

    *Well, it’s currently on its way from Tokyo. I’m assuming it’s at Mount Pleasant (London) and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs are able to charge me an extra £15 because my purchase is £1 over the limit for items of “personal” use. Pfft. A western release would make life a little easier. You can get alsorts of japanese things in London but the selection of music leaves a lot to be desired!

  2. To be honest I’m going to wait for the british version so I can tell what he’s saying!

    I hope he’s going to SoS 09! I’d like him to do that new Seven Rings In Hand ~Fairytales In Trance~ that he’s just made because it is WICKED!! Either that or we can get Crush 40 to come as well and maybe they can do something together… just a thought!

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