New Unleashed Xbox 360 Update, More DLC Coming

New Unleashed Xbox 360 Update, More DLC Coming


The Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed has received a new update for download on Xbox Live this morning in Europe, no news on wether other regions have received this but Xbox Live updates are usually worldwide so other regions will most likely have this too.

The update doesn’t seem to have changed anything about the game(Adabat’s frame-rate is still choppy) although after loading up your game save the cursor on the planet isn’t over the last area you visited like normal but instead the cursor is over an open ocean area. If it’s anything like the last update the game got over Xbox Live and Playstation Network, it will be to prepare the game for upcoming downloadable content and then any fixes to the game will take effect once you have the downloadable content.

We’ll bring you more news on this as it happens.

Archangel UK over at the official Sonic City Blognik has confirmed that the Unleashed Xbox 360 patch put out today does indeed confirm our speculation that more downloadable content is coming and that current hidden areas in the game people in the research community have been digging into will be opening up.


We’ll let you know more on this when the downloadable content becomes available.

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  1. Wow you can talk about the 360 DLC but you cant talk about the PS3? There is more DLC. the holoska pack on PSN for US.

    You guys can only tell us about the European stuff

    US and JAP barely get talked about.

    This site sucks

  2. Try scrolling down the latest news links a bit and you’ll see this –

    I didn’t report about the PS3 in this article because we haven’t had any news on wether the PS3 versions has received this update since although I have a PS3 I don’t have the PS3 version of this game. If you can tell me wether the PS3 version has received this update or not I’ll update my article accordingly. Also, we mainly talk about the European stuff because we are a British/European site but we do report on Sonic findings for other regions from time to time hence that article I just linked to on when the PS3 version finally received some DLC.

  3. at Edge, the reason being, is….

    1. maybe the 360 is the onyl one to get this patch as of now.
    2. This is a site that is run in ENGLAND, this is why mainly europe is talked about
    3. and the site doesn’t suck, you just have no taste

    never the less, great stuff, i wonder what kind of hidden levels they will be, hopefully an underwater one

  4. @shadzter

    Yeah and guess what that article says… “THE US GETS SPAGONIA AND CHUN-NAN PACKS” you say nothing of the Holoska pack and you havent as of late.

    1.I said that they needed to update about the holoska pack on PS3 which they havent done yet. Its been up for about a week

    2.I know the site is run in england. But if they are supposedly”the biggest sonic fansite in the world” (which they arent. and I’ll explain why in #3), they need to update about world wide happenings of sonic. They hardly ever update with another country other than england

    3. The site does suck. why? THEY BASH THE GAMES CONSTANTLY. There are alot of people that party everytime the server for this site crashes. I do have taste. My taste is sites that DONT bash sonic. Ive heard them bash Sonic 06,Unleashed,Shadow,the black knight and every new game that comes out, more than ANY other site ive ever been to, and im honestly surprised that Sega Europe even accepts the site owners. they are the worst site runners I have ever seen. Even worse than IGN and thats saying alot.

    They bash a game over anything. The one they do the most of is glitches.

    Well guess what. I own Sonic 06… I can S rank any level with ANY character. Why? I can get over glitches and long loading screens. In fact 06 is one of my favorite games. I love the 3D games way more than the 2D ones. And this is coming from one of the older fans thats been with sonic since the 2D days. I may have only been playing sonic since 1997 but hey I cant help it that I was born right after sonic 3 came out. I actually beat all the 2D Genesis games when I was about 4 or 5. then after I beat 2D I switched to 3D. the 3D games are a lot harder and they have better stories and funner gameplay.

    and with that said they shouldnt bash a game just because they get all mad because you have to wait 20 Seconds to play a stage. Its called patience learn to use it.

    but guess whats worse. they hate glitches but they are giving away an Xbox 360. which has more glitches than any other system in the world. right after I took my 360 out of its box. IT GOT THE RROD. then I fix it I turn it back on. IT EATS MY DISC. then I turn it on again and it gets the RROD AGAIN. Eventually I ended up catching the thing on fire and I bought a PS3 it hasent glitched up yet. and neither has my Wii, or PSP or DS or ANYTHING ELSE.

  5. So edge if this site sucks so much may i ask why you have bothered to write such a long comment or why you even bothered to go through the site.

    Stop being a troll and live a little will you.

  6. Right Edge, you’ve hady our say. Anything else on the matter will be dealt with. If you hate the site so much don’t comment. Please return to the topic at hand.

  7. Sounds great to me, I’d love to see what these hidden places are if they do use them, probably something like a new and improved Soleanna or Station Square.
    Never realised there was a Holoska pack that was released, wonder if it’ll ever turn up in the UK?

  8. @ edge

    The Sonic Stadium is entitled to its own opinions, which is why it’s cool for them to bash a game, and 9/10 times, I agree with them. I own Sonic ’06, too, and I for one HATE it! The game’s unbearable, and the thing is that the story line was pathetic. Anyway, you’re just being a troll and it’s freaking annoying. By the way, do you even proofread your writing? Reading your comments gave me a headache. I’m, I’ve, shouldn’t, and haven’t need exclamation points because they’re contractions, “a lot” is two words, and “funner” isn’t a word. Try spell check sometime. I honestly couldn’t take you seriously during that giant comment above.

    Anyway, back to the intended topic, I wish I could get some of this DLC stuff, but my 360 isn’t cool like that. Oh well, maybe I can sometime in the future. You need XBox Live to get this stuff, right?

  9. 1 thing to you edge:
    did you read all the articles of the TSS they never bashed sonic.
    the said what they didnt like at these games and thats that
    beside they love sonic unleashed daytime if i remember right
    i wont bash you, because you like 06 or Black knight but you shouldnt bash other who dont like it

  10. No Trolling! No Drama 09!

    This is interesting though. I wonder if there will be an upate for Super Sonic, e.g. playable on every level (after conditions are meet of course), more playable levels as him (if not every), special stages, etc. Exciting isn’t it!

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