New Merchandise: Super Sonic/Shadow figures

New Merchandise: Super Sonic/Shadow figures

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It seem’s Toys R Us can’t get enough of our favourite video game franchise, after the exclusive Sonic Unleashed posable Werehog action figure’s you can now pre-order two new figures exclusively at their stores/website.

The two figures available are Sonic Super
Posers – Super Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Super Posers – Super Shadow The Hedgehog. Bet you can’t say either of those fast without stopping for breath. Both are extremely posable with (as the packaging puts it) “Over 25 points of articulation”, great for those battles with your sisters Barbie dolls. Each figure costs $10.99 and their estimated ship date is 05/10/2009(that’s 10th May 2009 for us Brit’s).

You can pre-order the figures at Toys R Us website at the following links –
Super Sonic
Super Shadow

No sign of the figures on the UK Toys R Us website at the moment but we’ll let you know if they do turn up.

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  1. Hm. Shoudn’t their yellow be brighter? And Super Sonic looks like he still has green eyes and “normal quills”…
    (looks at larger image)
    Yeah, he stiil has green eyes and “normal qulls”. Don’t they know what Super Sonic looks like?!

  2. @Hyper Emerson: Yeah….. What’s up with that? They got Shadow right, but his spines always look like that, what gives?

    Still….. It’s fantastic that SEGA is making new Sonic figures again. Man, viva la Sonic Adventure the figures!

  3. Maybe this is Super Sonic after he’s had WAY too many chili dogs…’Cuz quite frankly, he looks a little green to me…Hopefully Super Sonic doesn’t decide to “fire his lazor” onto anybody’s shoes…But yeah, I really think they could have done WAY better with Sonic. Shadow looks nice, but still; I think I’m going to spend my money on Transformers figures in the end. I know, blasphemy right?

  4. The Sonic toy looks just weird and his spikes…..super sonic dosen’t have spikes like that! But Shadow is so cool.

    @Psyguy: No I don’t think you have a problem at all. It’s just cool that some adults don’t care about how old they are, they just buy what they want to buy.

  5. Super Sonic’s quills don’t point upward, and he’s got green eyes!

    Seems like nothing more than a normal Sonic action figuire painted yellow.

  6. Wow, they finally came thru with the promise of the Super Sonic action figure… then having a Shadow one to boot!
    Hopefully the TRU a few blocks away will have these, or I’ll have to drive up to the next one 40 minutes away..

  7. It’s awesome that Super Shadow, but that Super Sonic is just a yellow Sonic. His spikes are down and his eyes are still green, so it has only one color changed.

  8. @ psyguy:
    way to go dude!!! (= it is cool to see aduls still like merchandise because of their time as a child.
    it gives me hope that i will be still a sonic fan when i am too an adult.

    BTW supersonic looks okay but it could look better i mean in adventure (2) his spikes looked like thes from shadow but in all the other games just like a super-sayan.
    maybe you can change his spikes here =D

  9. People are complaining about the quills being the same. Arn’t you able to change the quills position on the super posers? I think I saw a snap shot showing how you could do that.

  10. @Hyper, Hunter, and CTOON: I believe the confusion is being caused by the fact that you’re talking about different games. STH3 *Super* Sonic was actually the first time Sonic had green eyes. I believe it wasn’t until Sonic Adventure that his eyes were green as normal Sonic and red as Super Sonic (normal Sonic always had solid black eyes before SA). Personally I’ve always disliked the red eyes; they make him look a little bit evil in my opinion.

  11. @ psyguy, if you think you have a problem then i need to be locked up, i just got inked with a sonic tattoo 2 weeks ago :p

  12. Wish they sold these at the fucking Canadian stores….now if I want one I have to buy it from some asshole on eBay who’ll sell it for three times as much as it costs. God damn it.

  13. Come on, some of us have been waiting 17 years for a Super Sonic figure, and the best they can do is give us a Sonic repaint. I may be satisfied if he had red eyes. Still, his quills need to stand up. Oh well, Shadow looks great. Anyone know if the Black Knight Sonic figure is proportioned to these guys? Or is he proportioned to the Werehog? Or is he proportioned to any previous sonic figures at all?

  14. I don’t mind the quills pointing down, they did that when Super Sonic stood still in Sonic 2.

  15. Super Sonic is a rare item. Super Shadow? The might be one of the only. I recommend any diehard Sonic fan to purchase these. Then sell them on ebay a decade later for 500 dollars.

  16. Super Sonic = massive fail. Seriously, a yellow Sonic IS NOT automatically Super Sonic. v_v Super Shadow looks good, though, even though its only because they got lucky. At least they gave him his funky cream-ish color instead of just gold. 😛

  17. Maybe the quills go up or down when you move them & the green eyes on super sonic brings back good old memories of Sonic 2 & 3 … good times … good times…

  18. Well this is the first bit of info that you guys DIDNT steal from TSSZ good job guys the first bit of news that you guys got first and its not even news.

  19. @Ison
    Yup, i know he had green eyes in S3&K. But this toy isn’t meant to use the classic design Sonic from S3&K… =(

  20. @ Edge
    We don’t steal our news from TSSZ. If our articles are posted after TSSZ posts it we cant help that, theres only so much news on one specific franchise you can report on. We’re often going to post about the same thing TSSZ does and vice versa, just like how a day after us TSSZ has today put up an article regarding the figures too. We don’t actually go out to steal from TSSZ or any other source and they don’t go out to steal from us. Your arguement is crazy, it’s like saying BBC News stole Sky News info on the recession hitting.

    So, if SEGA announces a new Sonic game tomorrow and TSSZ happens to report on it first do you expect us to not report on it?

    Point is, news reporting isn’t a race and there is no prize for reporting on something first. We’re more mature than to have news races about video game franchises. Maybe one day you’ll mature enough to not go pointing fingers at people accusing them of doing something they weren’t even trying to do in the first place.

    Just some food for thought for you, since you obviously have alot of spare time on your hands.

  21. Shadzter is 100% right though so we’ll leave it there thank you very much.

    Back on the subject of figures; the super posers have always struck me as a bit odd looking. I think it’s because Sonic characters look wrong with knees and elbows. Super Sonic does look a bit lazy with the spines being the main culprit. Super Shadow does look more impressive. When do we think we’ll see some none hedgehog figures from JazWares?

  22. @Shadzter, you know, you can also show maturity by not degrading people from saying stuff like, “Maybe one day you’ll mature enough to not go pointing fingers at people accusing them of doing something they weren’t even trying to do in the first place.”

    I thought that was a little over the line — what you said before was enough — even though it probably is true. Pet peeve, had to point it out.

  23. @serpx
    I’m sorry if that was a little over the line but I seriously hate it when people go about wrecklessly accusing people of doing something without thinking, especially when it’s as serious an accusation as stealing. I’m no thief, never have been and never will. I guess you could say that’s my pet peeve :p Anyway, sorry if that was too strong but Edge definitely shouldn’t go accusing people of stealing like that.

  24. Hmm.. I’m looking at my regular Shadow posable, it’s the same as the Super… guess that’s why the company decided against changing Super Sonics quills.. cus they’d have to alter Shadows

  25. What happened to the Super Sonic link on Toys R Us?

    I could see it last week but now I cant.

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