Kid Denied Name Change of ‘Sonic X’ By Norwegian King

Kid Denied Name Change of ‘Sonic X’ By Norwegian King

A 6 year old Norwegian child by the name of Christer had his hopes crushed recently by the King of Norway who he wrote to asking for his name to be changed to ‘Sonic X’. The child, a fan of the Japanese Anime of the same name, wrote a letter to King Harold V but his parents thought common sense would prevail and were at first reluctant to post it.

Several months passed until Christer finally begged them to send it and amazingly once they did they received a reply. King Harold V wrote back stating that he couldn’t change the child’s name yet as he was under the age of 18 but that if he asked again some 12 years later he would happily change it then.

Christer, forlorn at the bad news and long wait ahead of him told Norwegian website that the decision “was a bit bad.”

Alls well that ends well though as Sega have actually tried to make contact with Christer through the website in question to send him some Sonic X Goodies to cheer him up.

Thanks to Psyguy of the SSMB for digging up this gem


  1. He should have asked King Ubu… He would have changed the fRucking name in a heartbeat!

    I hope he changes it when he grows up!

  2. He should have chosen to change his name to be Christopher Thorndyke. Then I would have two people of the same name to laugh and sneer at.

  3. He wanted to name himself after an anime? And a Sonic one? Sonic fans are so funny. But really, since the kid is only 6, wanting something like this is quite understandable. Heck, if I was his age, I probably wouldn’t have minded having “Luigi” in my name somewhere.

  4. He wanted his name to be…? Wow, just wow. I wonder if the King of Norway is serious about changing Christer’s name when he’s 18, although I think that Christer (when he’s older)will realize that being named ‘Sonic X’ is silly. Think about it:

    “Hi! What’s your name?”
    “I’m Sonic X!”
    “What…?You mean… like the anime?”
    “Yeah! Cool, hu?”

  5. SUH-WEEET. I trip over this kind of information and thought you guys might get a kick out of it. Bad ass I’m finally helping one of my favorites sites!

  6. HOLAS: ™

    i can’t even think about the king reactions about this situation, i mean…. i don’t think the king even knows what “sonic” is…. so maybe he though “sonic X” was gangsta 😛

  7. HA HA HA!! Sorry it’s not that I’m laughing at him…………k=okay maybe a bit. Oh, well he’s only 6 so I’m sure when he’s old enough to change his name he’ll realise he was being a bit silly.

  8. He i whant to change one of my names to Sonic and i am a girl^_^ I got 3 names Mona Malin Elisabeth but i dont like Mona:P

  9. I have to give props to both that kid, and the anime itself. Despite its flaws, it was what truly started me off as a Sonic fan.

  10. Really? Of all the sonicy things to change a name to he chooses “Sonic X”, the retard baby hellspawn of Sonic and Richard Simons? Holy crap I want to punch this kid in the face, but I’m sure the kids at his school have already done that. Freaking kids.

  11. I’d rather change my name to “Sonic Underground” it was a better series. Sonic was in it more and it didn’t get boring.

  12. Sonikdude750: You know the younger Sonic fans likes Sonic X. I loved Sonic X when I was 8. So I don’t think the kids in his school have punched him in the face.
    We “older” Sonic fans likes maybe SatAM or no one of them, why beacuse we’re older and we donät like stuff that is …I can’t fins the right word but you know.

    Why Sonic X, maybe just Sonic could been better. I don’t know why but sometimes I feel that I want to change my name to “Phoebus”. But I like my name, I gated it when I was younger but now I like it but Phoebus is still one of the coolest girl names ever.

  13. Aww, that’s cute.

    I would definitely change my name… not to ‘Sonic X’, though; that’s just a bit too silly. Hmm, maybe to Ema? But them people would go around asking if I had any Luminol in my bag. That being said, I’d get to wear a lab coat and a smiley face badge and not look dumb.

  14. A bit of an ill dream, but it’s still pretty cute. I know most of us older fans are wondering why in the world would anyone want to change his name to such a crappy anime? Well, the kid’s young, and the show’s target audience was 5-13, and it’s likely this kid was already a fan of the games, so I can see why he’d like it. It’s at this age we all wanted to have cool names like “Tsunami” or “Apocalypse” (think of your fan characters, people). The kid will obviously grow out of this by the time he’s 18.

  15. Yeah, he’d be really cool when he’s 60 and telling folks his name originates from a 4Kids dubbed anime…

  16. Funny how his name is “CHRISter”. He should have renamed himself “Chris The Moleque”. XD
    Haha. Crazy kid. But he got some gifts, so it’s all right, i guess. =)

  17. I still can’t get enough of this.

    I can understand SLIGHTLY if he wanted to name himself Sonic or Tails
    but Sonic X?

    That’s like ME naming my kids ACDC,Dokken,Tygers of Pan Tang,and Nashville Pussy

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