Greetings From The Guest Editor

Greetings From The Guest Editor

Hi people. It’s the start of a new week here at TSS and now that Dreadknux and T-Bird have been gone for a few days I’ve decided it’s time to introduce myself properly and explain the plan of action while the boss is away.

As a lifelong Sonic fan I’ve been an admirer of TSS for a while now but first started visiting the site regularly when I heard about Summer of Sonic last year. A few of you might have seen me stumbling around there in a daze; I’d driven down from Leeds to London and was overwhelmed by the 200 or so other people at the phenomenally successful event. I met Dreadknux and some other TSS staff members properly for the first time at the Sonic Unleashed Community Day a few months later, hosted by the always awesome ArchangelUK at Sega’s London HQ. Everyone was very friendly and it was encouraged to see so many people of a similar age as passionate about a speedy blue hedgehog as I am.

So when I received an e-mail from Dreadknux asking if I would look over TSS while he was on holiday I jumped at the chance to help him out. I’m fairly sure I offered my services to help any way I could but never expected anything like being a guest editor so it’s all quite exciting. You should see no change in the website while the boss away and it’s very much business as usual. Shadzter and Brad have already been posting as normal and I might chip in from time to time should I feel the need.

Oh, and you might want to keep your eyes peeled towards the end of next week here for something a little bit special. I’m not going to say too much about it right now but you’ll like it, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’d like to thank Dreadknux for trusting me with his baby and I’ll see the rest of you in the forums and maybe at Summer of Sonic this year!


  1. Welcome Paul! Don’t worry, the Sonic Community doesn’t bite…often…well…too hard…eh…nevermind…But I still think you’ll do a great job!

  2. Already said this in the Super Secret Staff Forum but welcome aboard me hearties. Arrgg! Look forward to the surprise, must be something super secret and awesome if you can’t even tell us staff XD

  3. HOLAS: ™

    obviously, he’s gonna take over the sonic stadium instaurating the comunism between the sonic fans…..

    you know….. in soviet russia sonic is fan of you 😉

  4. @ imarafan: …what? Apparently I can’t read English anymore. Could you repeat that? I get confused easily these days.

  5. ‘ello and welcome aboard the! ^-^
    Ha! Glad to have yah nere dude, hope yah have a fun time!

  6. ahhh he has us… no we will all get to TSS at the end and it will be something…
    oh i have a idea…
    well welcome(=

  7. hi, nice to have someone new posting on the site. Im just throwing this out there but Im guessing thst the news at the end of these week is somthing to do with sage

  8. Naw, Brad Flick is the SAGE guru so news about that is likely to come from him. It’s nothing life changing but a nice little surprise and part of the deal I have with Dreadknux for looking after the site. I’ll whisper it to you if you like Shadzter just as long as you promise to keep your lips sealed ^_^

    Thanks for all the well wishes people. I knew I liked this place for a reason!

  9. HOLAS: ™

    “@ imarafan: …what? Apparently I can’t read English anymore. Could you repeat that? I get confused easily these days.”

    aparently i can’t write english ):

    that’s the reason i can’t join to the forum….

  10. Oh imarafan! I’m so sorry, I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings dude. I totally understand. I am half Spanish, half of my family speaks it (obviously), and I’ve taken two years of it, but I still can’t speak it all that great, if at all. I swear, World Lingo got me through that class.

  11. Like everyone else said, “I’m sure you’ll do fine”

    Just hope you can fire a lazor!

  12. You guys all rock! My ‘surprise’ should be up tomorrow. I was up at 5.30 this morning and have only just gotten home at 22.30 all in the aide of helping Dreadknux out. I just hope people like it!

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