Eurogamer Hands-On: M&S Winter Olympics

Eurogamer Hands-On: M&S Winter Olympics


SEGA held an event in Vancouver for the press to play some curling and try out Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games for the Wii and DS.  There are brand new screenshots and impressions from the new mascot-branded, mini-game collection for you to check out, but I’d just like to point out one thing:

Multiplayer is unlocked from the start of the game.  Thank you for correcting an awful design choice, SEGA.

The article also highlights Wii Balance Board support for sports like downhill skiing and bobsledding.  On the DS front, all sports will be sharable with up to 4 DS systems with a single cartridge. Wow!  Producer Eigo Kasahara says:

“Actually I wanted to make all the events available for free download last time, but because of time constraints it was difficult.  With this version, maybe players will bring the cartridge to school and play with their friends. Then kids will go home and ask their Mum to buy them a copy… So it’s a kind of viral marketing almost.”

All I need now is some hockey.  I mean, you can’t have the Winter Olympics (in Canada, no less) without hockey!

Eurogamer Hands-On with M&S: Winter Olympics

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  1. Vancouver ftw! This is going to be better than the first…The gameplay possibilities are so much broader.

  2. This actually seems a LOT more interresting than the other one! Doesn’t seem like there’ll be as many gimmick-required games.

  3. I’m just amazed they didn’t use Shadow for that skating screenshot. 😛 I just want to know if he’ll be using skates, cause if he just has his normal shoes that would be hilarious. And cheating. But yeah, looking interesting. Also, echidnas don’t really hibernate. Just thought I’d put that out there.

  4. I just wanted to abuse the privileges that we have to post unmoderated comments on the news articles and say that I really like the new banner look for TSS!

  5. Time constraints? The first was announced way way way wayyyy before the olympics, couldn’t believe how short it was

  6. Ekajra your right that would be cheating & you also forget fire comes out of Shadow`s skates so if he used his skate he would melt the ice & trap himself or anyone else in the event which would be funny lol

  7. This game looks better than the other one. And the graphics are OK.


  8. Looks much better than the original! One question, does this support wi-fi multiplayer? (not local)

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