Ebay Watch: Rare Tomy Sonic Char-G

Ebay Watch: Rare Tomy Sonic Char-G


News is slow at the moment, so it’s time for another edition of Ebay Watch. Back in the early 90’s toy developers Tomy released alot of Sonic merchandise to fill the young fans playtime when away from the awesome Sonic video game titles. One piece of merchandise Tomy released was a Sonic edition of it’s then popular Char-G remote control cars.

What was so special about these were that they could be recharged in about 45 seconds from the remote handset and when driving them around you could make them spin, flash the headlights and do wheelie stunts. Doesn’t sound like much now but these were pretty cool back in the day and having a Sonic one made you even cooler.

If you’d like one of these very rare pieces of merchandise you can bid for it on eBay here.



Also on eBay –

Someone is amusingly enough selling an almost empty Sonic Rush box, I say almost empty due to the fact there is no game card and just a manual inside. Even more amusing, one person so far has actually bidded on this. Some crazy people out there on eBay. You can check this out here.

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  1. But what we want to know is that whether it is still “faster than a tortoise, easy to charge like a mad rhinoceros”.

  2. Empty game cases are the top of my “Get off of my ebay!” list.
    Seriously, so many times I see a rare game for super cheap and am about to bid when I see the item description of “note: this is the game case only. no disc/cart is included.” wtf? then where is the disc? are you selling it without the case in another auction? did you break it?

  3. These really aren’t rare in the slightest XD Its basically a car with a Sonic sticker on it……….

  4. With regards to the empty box… it is useful if you bought a copy of the game second hand and it was case/manual free, like in gamestation how they have the displace case with the lose gameboy/DS titles. So I guess a second hand owner of this would like it…

    I have an original Char-G, not a sonic one… they’re great…. but it’s a pity that the charge lasts for around 2 min and then thats it!

    [b]Its basically a car with a Sonic sticker on it……….[/b]

    The box isn’t.

  5. @ BlastedPinata
    I dare say it is a poor effort production wise on Tomy’s part but it’s still an original Sonic edition of the Char-G range with the packaging too. It’s still rare due to to the fact the Sonic edition is so hard to find these days.

  6. Truefully, I could use that case. I bought Sonic Rush on eBay to find it was without a case, and I could’ve bought that if I was in the UK.

  7. Fair enough I suppose to find one in this good condition and boxed is rare. They have a load at one of those dodgy stores near me, none are boxed though.

  8. Oh lord! I’ve got one of those! I got it for my 8th birthday, and it’s now displayed on a shelf in my bedroom. Stickers are a bit ripped and of course it doesn’t work XD but yeah I’ve got it. =P

  9. I think the person who bought the case of Sonic Rush only had the game but not the case so yeah

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