April Fools Around the Sonic Community

April Fools Around the Sonic Community

April Fool’s Day became a way better holiday thanks to the Internet.  Sites go well out of their way to screw with its regular visitors and pull the biggest stunts of all time in an attempt to trick those unaware of the date on the calendar.   This year was rather mellow on the stunts and more about being outright silly.

Here at Sonic Stadium, our April Fool’s prank went into our forums.  Pictures (including avatars, banners, and signatures) were oriented differently by the hour and the colors were ugly greens and purples.  The word filter was put in play and people had a hard time as to what other members were saying.  It was classic Stadium tomfoolery.

On the main site, there wasn’t anything planned, so I took it upon myself to relive a part of my early community days: hoaxes.  I remember when everybody used to try and make the most believeable hoaxes possible, regardless of whether April 1st was approaching or not.  If only Sonic Vegemite were around right now, because I like browsing through all the latest  hoaxes that people cook up.

Over at other sites that I frequent, there was more fun to be had.  Recently at Sonic Fan Games HQ, forum member, gsoft, created a skin that resembled the glory days of the forum, known as the “PHPBB era.”  Then, he went right to work on the April Fool’s prank, which I laughed at for a good while.  I present to you “Amy Fan Games HQ:”


Then, I headed over to Sonic Retro and they sure went Retro.  The forum became the old, defunct “Simon Wai Sonic 2 Beta Forums:”


The highlight, for me, had to be on Newgrounds and a video called “$eG@.”  Newgrounds became “China’s Only Approved Website” and with it came a fantastic parody of the Sonic franchise.  One of our readers and affiliates, Psyguy of Fireball20xl.com, provided a voice for the movie.  It’s a dream within a dream within a dream sequence featuring all incarnations of Sonic from classic to present.  Lots of furry sex is had. *shudder*

Check out $eG@ at Newgrounds.

Did you encounter any other pranks or goofing off around the Sonic community?  Tell me about it, already.

Image by “Nomad” of DeviantArt.

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  1. It seems brazilian site Super Sonic HQ (a comic site) has been closed down because of an warning e-mail by Sega. On 01/04. Straaaange, isn´t it?
    Reminds me of Sonic Wrecks…

  2. Oh. My. God. That video was just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I wonder if Sonic and Vector were in the computer room…

  3. On Shadow of a Hedgehog, they redid the home page and made it look like they swapped the focus to Mario. Called it Shadow of a Plumber. It was interesting.

  4. Poor Sonic and his recurring nightmare …and the beginning part with Chris gave chills to no end! Creepy but oh so hilarious!

  5. LMAO I loved Knuckles in that! I can’t believe that made front page but hay it was April Fools. 🙂

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