WINNER: Wear Papercrafts, Be A Tool

WINNER: Wear Papercrafts, Be A Tool

The sporadic downtime and eventual nuking of TSS prevented me from announcing the winner of my stupid contest, “Wear Papercrafts, Be A Tool.” Now that we’re back, I can get on with the show.  The votes are in and the $10 goes to…

Evan Stanley!



I will be getting in contact with Evan and her brother to arrange how they will receive my $10.  Thank you to all who entered.  I’ve never seen such toolin’ in my life.

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  1. Epic win guys. I think they deserved it. I liked Link in the big city…but after a while, I felt like I was losing IQ points. And Shadow DEFINITELY does not need pot-leaf-head’s help in pwning anybody. The guys with the “We’re Awesome!” sign were okay, but you can’t deny the awesome power of the “Sonical Motivation Picture”. But seriously people, they should be releasing a sword add on attachment thing to go with SaTBK. Can you say, “Do want?” Yes please!

  2. Congratulations Evan and you brother! The rest of the M.E crew wants to tell you good job as well.

  3. In response to AnonymousSonicFan, Australian EB Games store are giving away sword attachments to those who pre-ordered the game.

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