Vote for the Next Storybook Setting on Facebook

Vote for the Next Storybook Setting on Facebook

If you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog on Facebook, you can now vote in a new poll that may or may not determine the outcome of the next entry in the “Storybook Series” and the shameless gimmick that comes with it (that half of us will more than likely complain about 😉 ).  Here are your options for this “just for fun” poll:

Film Noir

Greek Myths & Legends





Those who are on Facebook, but are not friends of Sonic should visit this link and “become a fan.” Not only will you get updates about Sonic from SEGA themselves, but you can vote in the poll above and chat with even more Sonic fans.

As for my opinion on the choices, horror could be the well along the lines of “Scooby Doo Meets Addams Family” from the old Scooby-Doo Movies or a playable version of a game with “Night of the Werehog” vibes.  Film Noir would be all kinds of odd, in my opinion, as it’s not really a “setting,” but rather, a style of filmmaking that does not lend itself to action.  Picturing Sonic and friends as the cast of The Big Sleep would certainly melt my brain.  Western would be a fun setting to bounce about.  Although, it probably comes with a six-shooter, so that choice is also a hesitant one.  Sci-Fi and Greek Myths are fantasy settings, so like the two games that came before them, are more appropriate for the next Storybook game.  That sutibleness is probably a good indication as to why they are the top two choices in the poll at this time.  I can see it now: play Sonic as Gilgamesh and Shadow as Enkidu and try to take down the nasty Humbaba.  The best part about the story of Gilgamesh is that Shadow, as Enkidu, dies.  I’d pay to see that one.

That’s my two cents.  We want to hear your takes on each of these settings!  Sound off in the comment box.

EDIT: AAUK has informed us in the comments below that the three best wall posts on the poll’s page will win a bag full of SEGA goodies!  Well, now you just have to go vote now. 😉

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  1. Sadly I don’t have a face book account, but if I could vote for the next setting, I’d choose Sci-fi =)

  2. Well, Sonic X has already proved that the Sonic franchise cannot be successfully turned into a “Space Opera”, and although I love the genre, Sci-Fi is OUT! They could seriously have a ball with the Greek Myths & Legends, casting off the different characters as Gods, Tails as Hermes or even Hephaestus for that matter. Rouge as Aphrodite…Amy as Helen of Troy?….Nevermind. I do not want to see a Sonic representation of the Iliad. A western would be interesting…but then again if Sonic’s gonna be a cowboy, he’s going to go up against a Shadow representation, and I’m not sure if the franchise needs another game with Shadow and a gun so I don’t know. Sega, just surprise us. You always do. You’re guaranteed not to make half the fan base happy anyways so why both asking for fan input when you’re not gonna freaking listen anyways? Sorry for the negative rant people, but seriously…

  3. Radiant, I can’t believe I didn’t think about that. I really like your response better. PLEASE SEGA! NO MORE! YOU ARE NOT DISNEY! DON’T MAKE ANY MORE STORYBOOK GAMES!

  4. I choose film noir, dunno just sounds like it’d be cool. Like Sonic be a Private Dick and all. Hell, if Garfield could do it and be cool it can work for Sonic. Though it’s bound to the the Greek Myths they go for, chances are they’ve already started work on it, as Black Knight virtually went straight into production after Secret Rings was finished.

  5. Sounds like they’d probably go for either a Greek Myth or Western setting for the next one. Sounds the most plausible.


  6. If there is going to be a western, I can see it playing out like this:
    Sonic = Hero (Duh)
    Shahra/Merlina type helper character = Deputy
    Knux = Sheriff or Indian Chief
    Rouge = Cabaret Dancer/Bar wench
    Shadow = Billy the Kid
    Tails = Helper cowboy
    Silver = Helper cowboy
    Blaze = Helper cowboy…uh girl, whatever. She played the role of a guy in the last game
    Amy = Southern/Western Belle
    New villain they insert in all these games = I have no freaking clue

    Wait a second…westerns always involve horses…but if Sonic were to ride a horse…but then again, what kind of meat’s in those chili dogs that he always scarfs down? Now there’s a question for you.

  7. I had a facebook account… but I deleted it xP I didn’t like it at all… oh well.

    I hope people vote for Greek Myths and Legends.

  8. “Greek Myths & Legends”? Souns great! I think it’s one of the most plausible option. Sci-fi or horror? I don’t think so… cause Storybook Series games are legends, I think. And also – Sci-Fi and horror are genres, and not styles.

  9. I haven’t got a Facebook account… so I’m asking people to vote for Greek Myths and Legends.

    It would make all of my childhood dreams come true if it really happened!

  10. I chose Mythology, pecause I love mythology! That is why Tomb Raider is one of my favourite game series (although not as much as Sonic). Game-genre-wise, it could be an action-adventure game with a heavy focus on complex puzzle-solving, platforming and exloration, but very little focus un fighting (just like the werehog should have been).

    Another theme that I think would be great (even though not related to mythology) is that Sonic would visit the world of Alice in Wonderland and ats sequel, through the looking-glass. I absolitely love fantasy worlds and especially considering that there will soon be a new Alice movie and there are also roomers of a new game based on Alice in WOnderland, I think it would be great if Sonic would visit Wonderland as well, and it would be especially awesome if this game of Sonic would be the most entertaining one compared to the mentioned movie and game.

    Also, I really really really hope that Yojiro Ogawa will be the Creative Director of the nest Storybook game again, instead of Tetsu Katano! I LOVED Secret Rings, but I didn’t like Black Knight that mush, eventhough I appreciate the effort that was put in it.

    Oh, and to all those people who are complaining about there being a storybook series, if you don’t like this series, THEN JUST DON’T FUCKING PLAY THEM!

  11. Id vote Greek Myths & Legends because its kinda like cool.
    Also there are already cool levels set in greece such as the first level in unleashed and rivals 2
    ….. there not set in greece but a greece like place

  12. Stardust Speedman, you don’t have to be so rude. What happened to No Drama ’09? We are all trying to respect everybody else’s opinions here. That’s what makes a community strong, not cussing out everyone that disagrees with you.

    But, I do have to agree with you on the fact that an Alice in Wonderland Sonic Storylines game would be awesome. Alice as your helper character and the Queen of Hearts as the main villain. I liked the idea they used with Merlina of having a villainess in the series. Why not one more? But seriously, Sega is not Disney. Are you sure you want to hand over one of your favorite stories over to Sega just so that they can mess it up?

    I am now currently on the fence about this whole “Storylines” series business. I still think they are unoriginal, but if Sega can come up with a good game, I am willing to play it.

  13. Definitely sci-fi. War of the Worlds lol. Sonic could always be big brother; 1984 style.


  14. “Sonic & the Robin Hood” I can see that in about 2 years along with Mario & Sonic `s 3rd crossover, (joke) Mario & Sonic at the X Games

  15. I kinda guessed the first comment would be like that, but since no game can appease 100% of the fanbase I’ll take it with a pinch of salt. 🙂 We do though go back to the “all Sonic games must be for me!” clause and no new fans can ever be catered for. That’s me thinking out loud by the way and discussing and not being Dramatic~! so no need for the following up column Brad… 😉

    I do like this concept though that because SEGA make a kid-orientated spin-off series they are “trying to be Disney”. Presumably thats why SEGA made Night of the Werehog – because they were “trying to be Disney”? Lol.

    I think the keywords here for the poll are “if you could choose” – I’ll admit I had to think up an extra one quick and for some reason Film Noir entered my head don’t ask me why so I put down that. I was going to put down “Jules Verne” at one point. End of the day It’s just a fun poll, its not serious, we’re not gonna take the results as final and make it – its JUST FUUUUUN.

    Incidentally something The Artist Formerly Known As Slingerland failed to mention is that the three best wallposts in SEGA’s opinion will win themselves a bag full of SEGA goodies. So if you have something constructive to say you may want to save it for there!!!

  16. I want to see Sonic as a Cowboy.
    I see it now…

    Sonic vs Shadow in a game of chicken. lol

  17. Eggman as a deranged genius train engineer.

    oh god no what am I saying, none of these should ever happen

  18. Ah I don’t have a facebook, but there is a topic like this in the forums, and I thought Western would be the best…but because I love 1920-40s movies so much Film Noir would be the coolest to look at, and it’d give a chance to bring in the Chaotix again because they’re the mystery solving people. Greenk Myths and Legends sounds like the most logical choice for them to go because it’s not that huge of a step from BK and the most universal theme.

    Top 3

    Greek Myths & Legends
    Film Noir

  19. I’m glad you liked my idea AAUK, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I really think that Sega should stop trying to turn Sonic into Mickey Mouse.

  20. Sorry for the cussing. I usually never use such words. Its just that I really don’t like it when people say that the storybook series has to be cancled. I don’t like it not because they don’t like the series, but because they talk as if there is noone else who likes the series either. Seriously, these games are not part of the main series, so, if you don’t like the storybook series, all you need to do is to not play it! If the storybook series was replacing the main series, then I could undertand, but the way it is now, it’s as if you dont like, for example, first person shooter games and complain about their existence, as if they were replacing main Sonic games.

  21. HOLAS: ™

    sonic in 300

    fighting the evil emperor eggegg and his legion of immortal robots…..

    i could see vector saying TONIGHT… WE DINE IN THE COMPUTER ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. No, that’s not it Stardust Speedman. It’s more like this. It’s more like whining because the first person shooter series that everyone knows and loves now has an offshoot typing game series that is full of unoriginality and fail. Although it is an offshoot, it is still in some small way a part of the main series. But, because the average fan doesn’t know it is simply an offshoot, they all think that the storylines don’t make sense and no one loves the series anymore at all other than the hardcore fans that get get online and argue about it. Wow, that came off really pessimistic.

    To tell you the truth, I have not yet had the chance to play the storyline series. I personally just don’t like the concept. It’s been done before by Disney, like I said. The newest large console I have is a PS2. I plan reserving judgment until I have actually played the series. But still, it’s hard to stay on the fence when Sega throws storylines like what we’ve been presented with at you. The only one that looks like it’s worth my time is Secret Rings, so I’m going to allow Sega to disappoint me in the order they intended.

    Oh, by the way, imarafan, will you marry me? That’s just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. They will have to keep Charmy from spilling things in the keyboards though. Maybe that’s a minigame?

  23. Hey, writing-wise, this has been better than the ‘core’ series. They’ve actually taken stories from fanfiction, like Sonic gets a genie and the I-am-the-evil-overlord-of-Mordor-type concept that turns into Prince Shadow humping Sonic against his will, and made it storyline-wise into something very, very satisfying. There aren’t many writers who can make fanfiction-based episodes/games nearly half as well as the guys who are writing the Storybook Series. (Oh, and Sonic only has this idea because it’s something Mario HASN’T done yet – and as you can tell, that’s a bloody short list.)

    To the concepts:

    Film Noir: Archangel-san? This is a film genre, not a storybook genre. You’re thinking hard-boiled detective, I just know it! …Maybe we need an omake theatre in the next game where characters do random genres for the hell of it.

    Greek Myths & Legends: YES. GODDAMNIT YES. VOTE IF YOU WANT TO SEE EGGMAN AS KING MIDAS AND KNUCKLES AS HERACLES. Not to mention that Greek and Roman legends are often one and the same, right? Along the same criss-cross theme as Aladdin – that’s a Chinese story adapted into an Arabic setting – and the King Arthur legend (Originally Welsh; became part of English lore.)

    Horror: We have walked into several horror/sci-fi concepts in the series. I think the stuff that Shadow went through would qualify – he’s seen himself locked away in a coffin in the middle of an active volcano in the future and been told that’s where he’s going to stay for all eternity, for example. Presented in awesome fashion – utter Nightmare Fuel afterwards. Also, Sonic the Werehog. Actually, something tells me we could do that one as a parody of Sonic Unleashed for those who didn’t like it, but it wouldn’t stretch out into a game. Omake, please! Maybe they could include that Tails Doll flash by FelipeYuuske.

    Sci-Fi: I think Sonic is set in a slightly sci-fi world, anyway – the Black Arms, the appearance of Metal City, the fact they have hoverboards and fleets of what are basically flying aircraft carriers which technically should not be able to fly by all laws of aerodynamics to say the least, sentient robots that nobody really bats an eyelid at unless it’s out to kill them, teleporters in Chao gardens, the possibility of time-travel, not to mention the ARK itself; all speak of world set in the future, possibly on a similarly rather than Earth, without that world having to be Mobius.

    (There’s also little point in asking for Mobius – you’d just be attacking yourself if that became the new installment, as it rules that world as not existing at all.)

    Western/Cowboy: Um… how would this work?

    Sonic: “Whaddaya mean I can’t have the job!?”
    Knuckles: “Sorry, Sheriff-in-training’s gotta have a gun, ya’know.”
    Sonic: “I don’t NEED a gun. If I need to be armed, give me a freakin’ dagger, but COME ON!”
    Tails: *running in* “Knuckles! The Bandit’s in town!”
    Knuckles: “Coming!” *turns around and hands Rouge a few Rings* “Catch up with ya later, dollface!” *exits saloon*
    Sonic: “…I need a drink. And a ho. Amelié?”
    Amelié (Amy): *passes him a drink* “I’m a -bartender-. Get it through your head.”
    Sonic: “I’ve got twenty rings. Isn’t anybody gonna screw these memories out of me!?”
    Silver: “…” *sigh* “I could do something.”
    Sonic: “You’re the closest to a female I can get? Well, at least it’s not Tails.”

    Other: I think ‘other’ is a way for us to submit our own ideas, guys. Probably, if more people select ‘other’, SEGA will recall the original options and do other ones for us to pick. Then you can do further MSTing on the subject.

    Also, AnonymousSonicFan: His chili dogs are made from insects. He -is- a hedgehog, after all, or at least a hedgehog-like creature.

  24. I voted with Greek Myths, said that a Horror-focused title could definitely fill in the spot between the next main Sonic titles and suggested that they make a poll regarding the next console game sometime, as it’d be a ‘tres popular’ one for sure. xD

  25. Okay lets see here…

    Horror: Would just be an excuse to bring the Werehog back.

    Sci-fi: Would just be a repeat of Sonc x season 3.

    Western/Cowboy: I don’t want to see Sonic with a gun.

    Film Noir: Don’t know what that is.

    My vote goes for Greek Mythology.

    Hold on, here’s a thought… Knuckles as Hercules?

  26. awesome sonic in 300 XD
    well no western or we have a QTE with guns
    what about sonic and the old sonic games i think it has benn 1000 years since them
    oh and please no stupid new gimmick please

  27. If they had a western story, I can see several characters taking the parts of famous outlaws, Like Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid, and Wyatt Urp.

  28. i went with greek “sonic and the lilad” would be a good title for the game

    sonic = himself
    shrha/melina = athena
    tails =hermes
    knuckles = herules
    shadow = odyseus
    amy = penelope
    silver = apollo
    blaze = ares i have no idea who could be zeus or hades [the villan]?

  29. Horror hands down as that seem the only one that effects setting more than gameplay. Thank about it, do you really want some sort of Greek swordplay or a Cowboy setting with characters with guns? Well Film Noir sounds interesting too, but above all else the gameplay must be polished and sublime without the gimmik intruding on the fun.

  30. Horror. I would be very interested if they went with horror. I can see them prob going with western or greek myths though. eh

  31. I would think “Sonic and the Biblical Scrolls” Could be some interesting way for the sonic universe to go, i mean hell, Knuckles would be Judas, or maybe Shadow, and then, to make things totally rad, Sonic would die, the world would almost fall into destruction, and he would return on the 3rd day, ZOMBIESONICSTYLES. And it could in no way be effected by unessential gameplay elements, like swords. /semi-sarcasm
    Hell to make things interesting, i would like to run up the tower of babel only to see the world flip when you reached the top.

  32. Biblical scrolls? A game already does that. It’s an epic fan game by TLSPRWR called “Sonic Bible Adventure.” Look it up and shit your pants with laughter!

  33. The greek Myths and Legends seems like the only one that will really fit along with the other two. Having said that though, i know i would just LOVE to see Knuckles in a cowboy hat again, man he was damn awesome in the Movie.

    On a slightly unrelated topic, did anybody know that there are unlockable interviews with the 4KIDS Voice Actors on Sonic and the Black Knight? I haven’t seen them because they’re actually impossible to unlock. (u have to get 5 STAR ranking on every mission or something ridiculous like that) But wouldn’t that be amazing, its strange that they are so hard to unlock.

    Has anybody unlocked these interviews?

    and is there any way of me watching them without me unlocking them?

  34. I think it would be interesting to see something like ‘Sonic and the Argonauts” for the next Storybook game. I mean, there’s a lot of characters you can add right there.

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