Spagonia Adventure Pack now on Xbox Live

Spagonia Adventure Pack now on Xbox Live


A second downloadable content pack for Sonic Unleashed titled Spagonia Adventure Pack is now available from Xbox Live Marketplace. 2 weeks ago we saw the first pack titled Chun-Nan Adventure Pack which contained extra stages for both Sonic and his Werehog form.

We are currently downloading this pack to investigate it’s contents and will update you soon. The description says four daytime stages and two night-time stages are available, three of them are all new and three are new missions. No word on if this is available on the Playstation Store which in the U.S. and Europe still hasn’t received the Chun-Nan pack.

UPDATE: I’ve had a quick play of the stages and here are my findings. Sonic: The first two are hard mode versions of Act’s 1 and 2 with the other two stages being completely new. One is a tricky platforming stage held in the skies of Spagonia and the other is a chase against some flying bots.

Werehog: The first is a hard mode version of Act 1 and the second is a completely new stage that see’s you travel round the canal’s of Spagonia.

Seem’s a pretty good pack that’s definitely worth the 250 MS Points.

You can download the pack here.


  1. are you talking about europe in general because the UK has already got the chun nan adventure pack.

  2. I know I’ll be feelin’ good when I get home and download this. Praying that PS3 owners gets the same treatment as 360 as soon as possible.

  3. Sounds good to me, Spagonia was one of my favourite stages.
    I’ll have to buy some of these =D

  4. Now, if Sega of America wouldn’t mind and just get these for us American PS3-ers, that would be great.
    If you don’t mind, that is.


  5. @ChaosJ
    The UK Playstation Store had the Chun-Nan Adventure Pack now? I thought it still hadn’t received it yet

  6. Unrelated: Do any of you know of that worm that’s supposed to activate April 1st? You might want to find out about it. I think it’s called Conficker C, and it might just be in the US. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  7. well ps3 owners got unleashed later as well.
    i thinkn sega has some problem with it O_o
    we wil get i am sure of it!!
    and all xbox owners have fun (=

  8. Doesn’t really apply to me since I’ve only got the Wii version. 🙁

    But still, this is a sign that Sega thinks that Unleashed did well. If I remember correctly, they only did one downloadable set of levels for Sonic 06.

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