Sonic Unleashed DLC and Patch released today!

Sonic Unleashed DLC and Patch released today!


It’s been a good three or four months since the release of Sonic’s super fast/generic action’y title on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Sonic Unleashed. SEGA have updated the Xbox Live Market Place today with some of the first Downloadable Content available for the game, a Chun-Nan ‘Adventure Pack.’

The adventure pack weighs in at around 530MB in size and contains four new day time stages (Act 1-2, 2-2, 4 and 5) and two new Werehog stages (Act 1-2 and 3.) While act 1-2 for both characters is simply a more difficult obstacle course of the standard Act 1 stages, Act 4 and 5 for Sonic and Act 3 for the Werehog offer entirely new areas of Chun-Nan for players to explore. Act 2-2 for Sonic simply adds an extra two ‘laps’ on to the already existing stage, though both of these are cleverly designed and a good challenge for even the greatest Unleashed enthusiasts.

Currently, the Xbox 360 DLC is avalible in Europe, Japan and America, while the PS3 DLC is only accessible in Japan. Worry not however, as word has it the European and American PSN will be updating later tonight with the content.

Alongside a DLC update, SEGA have released a patch for the game currently only downloadable through the Xbox Live Marketplace. While it doesn’t fix everything, incorrect totals on the map screen have been fixed and a slight optimisation of the code for the Adabat stage has been put into place, lessening the frame rate drops by a small amount.

Hopefully more Adventure Packs will be made available to download in the future, alongside more frequent patches for the game, hopefully fixing art book glitches and the loss of frame rate in Eggman Land especially.

Are you happy with the Chun-Nan DLC? Were you expecting something more? Entirely new stages? Remakes of classic zones perhaps? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SEGA Nerds.

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  1. i guess thats allright still i would have prefered a new content with classic levels on or somthing still ill download it when i get xbox live

  2. I am just happy they decided to release some DLC, I mean seriously I was really hoping they’d fix Adabat. I am still hoping for a remake of old stages (Chemical Plant Zone Plox) though. =/

  3. That’s awesome and all, and I’ll definitely be getting the patch… but what about the quiz lady…? Art book 40…? ๐Ÿ™

  4. it beats getting nothing. they went as far as patching the game, which is great, in my opinion, so at least they showed effort.

  5. Downloading now. Finally, a good reason to dust off Unleashed after completing it. 8D

  6. Oh wow, I never expected something like this to be released. I think I’ll wait for the Empire City and Adabat packs though.

  7. Oh wow! Oh wow!

    SEGA is really being good to us this time around. New levels? A patch? Sonic 2006 needs it more, but Unleashed is a way better game! And a framerate patch for a stage that needs it? Way to go!

    I don’t have either of the consoles to play this game, but even if I have a Wii, I’ll later try and get a PS3 or the other, so I can play that version of the game for all the reasons and some others. Mazuri, graphics, etc.

  8. I hope they release a remake of the ice cap zone from sonic 3 and knuckles, or snowboarding level from sonic adventure, that would be awesome! =D

  9. Doesn’t matter to me since I have the Wii version, but I think it would’ve been cool to add in old stages like green hill zone just for fun.

    oh by the way there was an update that fix the glitch in empire city(day) so that you cant get a faster time using the-go through loop -trick ๐Ÿ™

  11. Green Hill Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, and Resort Island (CaN YOu FeEL iT?) remakes for Unleashed!

  12. Bummer those patches aren’t for the wii. I would REALLY enjoy that since I don’t own a Xbox360 or a PS3.

  13. Huh, who saw that coming? not me

    Anything for us Wii owners? *sob sob*

    no, seriously, of course not

  14. Are you happy with the Chun-Nan DLC?


    Were you expecting something more?


    Entirely new stages?


    Remakes of classic zones perhaps

    Ahhhh go on

  15. hmmm i want a optional charas pack like shadow and tails daytime and knuckles nighttime.
    oh well playing SBK anyway

  16. Nintendo doesn’t believe in patches dude, usually then there isnt an update for the wii its because Nintendo doesn’t allow it

  17. Sega’s releasing patches for an already finished game, though they don’t give 2 shits about fixing up the miserable piece of shit known as Sonic Next-Gen.

  18. You 360 owners enjoy youself with your little DLC, while us PS3 owners don’t even have the patch. >:(

  19. Not even the PS3 owners get the patch? D: What about Wii? At least send us a DLC of Empire City T.T

  20. I’m pretty happy with the DLC so far, especially if they’re releasing one for every country now. Of course I’d want to see old levels, just as much as I’ve wanted to see them in every other 3D Sonic game. SEGA’s new to appeasing people, every small step counts

  21. SEGA does like their money, so PS3-ers outside of Japan, like me, will probably get the DLC next week. Probably.

    What I don’t get is how they can’t release the patches simultaneously? I mean, if they can wait until they finish porting the DLC to Japanese PS3s, why can’t they hold on to the stuff until they’re done translating for the rest of the world?

  22. Wii owners have got Sonic and the Black Knight as an exclusive, so that’s at least some consolation for not getting the DLC for Unleashed.

  23. When the hell is this coming on PS3. Im getting fucking tired of waiting. Unleashed was freakin amazing, I think Im the only person that loved the werehog and his stages and gameplay. Crosses fingers for more werehog

  24. PS3 Patch is up now ๐Ÿ˜€ I think we will get the DLC this Thursday (EU) / Friday (US)

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