Sonic 1 On Its Way to the iPhone

Sonic 1 On Its Way to the iPhone

SEGA has ported its flagship Genesis title to everything that makes a mechanical whirring sound.  The game is on cellular phones, home consoles on compilation discs and as a download, and it’s even on my grandfather’s pacemaker.  It’s only appropriate that they port to one of the most popular pieces of technology available, Apple’s iPhone.  I think the original Sonic has had more ports than any other game out there, so I bet SEGA will be finished porting it after releasing it for the iPhone.  Right, Simon Jeffery?

“We are absolutely delighted to work with Apple to bring Sega’s timeless classic, Sonic The Hedgehog, to the iPhone.  The great reception and success of Super Monkey Ball has demonstrated that the iPhone is a viable gaming console with immense potential. iPhone gamers can expect great products from Sega and what better way to start the New Year than with Sonic The Hedgehog on the iPhone.”

Never mind, then. I can’t wait for “Sonic the  Hedgehog” for the iPhone 2.

The game will support portrait and landscape views, touchscreen controls, and a save/resume feature.  It will be out as an app for the iPhone this spring.

[From PocketGamer]

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  1. Man, I know this was .. is! one of the greatest games ever, but talk about milking the classics

    I guess they’ve run out of platforms to re-re-re-re-release the game… what next? Interactive Bus Stop shelters where you can play for a small price?

    Just yesterday I was cursing the time last year when on day one of owning my iPod Touch I stupidly bought the iPod classic game (I mistook the game store for the app store) and I wasted $4.99 on Sonic 1. It sits in my iTunes library mocking me. But now I can play Sonic 1 on the superior Apple product! …I just have to pay for it again (grumble)

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