SATBK receives highest score yet from kids mag ‘Toxic’

SATBK receives highest score yet from kids mag ‘Toxic’


So what? I hear you say… Well, if anyone remembers Tetsu Katano claimed Sonic and the Black Knight was developed for the younger gamers and until now all other media have given this game an 8/10 or below and now a kids magazine called Toxic comes along and gives the game a 9/10 and their ‘Star Game’ award.

The reviewers from this magazine may not be kids but its these people’s jobs to actually look at the game from a kids point of view which alot of reviewers especially from the big gaming sites have failed to do. Toxic’s reviewers have reviewed it from a kids eyes and gave it a top score, other sites have reviewed it from an hardcore Sonic fan’s point of view and constantly complained about the gimmicks, gameplay and how it’s not like traditional Sonic. This game has been designed to be different and easy to pick up and play for kids but most reviewers just haven’t understood that.

Toxic, we love you! Tetsu Katano and the rest of Sonic Team would be proud!

Also, one of Toxic’s free gifts this issue is an official set of Sonic and the Black Knight stickers. –
toxic-mag-satbk-stickers1 toxic-mag-satbk-stickers2

After picking up this issue I’ve noticed it says their next issue is out tomorrow so merchandise fans wishing to pick this issue up will be out of luck at their local shops. I suggest contacting them through their website and requesting a back issue order of it. It’s issue ‘136 18-Mar-31 Mar’.


  1. Hey, that’s what I did too, knowing it’s a game for kids, I pretended to be one again. The weirdest thing happened, I had FUN.

  2. See, I liked most of Black Knight, but some levels just really got on my nerves, and the controlls also got on my nerves sometimes too…but, I went into it with a positive atitutde

  3. Slow Sonic news week..
    Next game for for Oct/Nov 09 hasn’t even been announced yet… maybe that’s a good thing?

  4. YEAH! Why can’t the others do that too? I mean I’m so anoyed on all these anti-Sonic fans that destroy for us Sonic fans and says that the new games is bad and got bad reviews. Is the reviwers fault AND many other idiots.
    Anyway I enjoyed it. But even I gave it a lower score. 8/10 But maybe beacuse I thinks it is too easy and when I think about it it is for kids, but still. I give it lower cus I didn’t like the music. Only some of songs but I hate the rest.
    I just love: Fight the Knight, Through the fire, live life and With me and this shourouded forest(or how the h**k you say it)

  5. osnic are you a kid? all you say it is the reviewers fault.
    what fault to not be a kid anymore. (or to act like one)
    there are guys who dont like the game and thats that so dont be like guys who trolling around.
    so but i did enjoy playing it through

  6. I loved Sonic and the black knight to be honest. It was too short but I’d say all-in-all it was great!
    And I love the side scroller days so don’t say I’m not “a true Sonic fan”.

  7. LOLZ\ I used to read that magazine all the time when I was a kid, te be fair I havent read a better magazine since

  8. If thats the case, then I’m sure I’ll enjoy the game, seeing as I’m just a big kid at heart X)

  9. I visited their website, and it seems like this is a magazine that focuses on video games and drawing (this is pretty much my first time hearing about this comic, sorry). I really need to subscribe then, since those are my two favorite things. It the mag only available to people in the UK?

  10. @SuperLink
    Yeah Slingerland did do a test on 3 kids playing the game but as he said ‘ take it with a pinch of salt’ as oppinions will vary. All I’m saying with this Toxic review is that it’s done from a kids point of view, it’s still one person’s oppinion but I’m just saying they’ve at least made effort to take it from a younger person’s perspective. For that they rock!

    I don’t know if it’s available to get outside of the UK, you could always contact them and ask here –

  11. Nigel Kitching contributes to this kid’s magazine/comic 🙂

    … and that’s probably what influenced that creepy looking Sonic on the front cover. o_o I can’t stop looking at it…

  12. That’s exactly it!
    Sega’s trying to get a new, younger fanbase.
    They n=knew they been having the same old fans for 17 years now, so they wanted new fans to please and maybe get a new slate on a new fanbase.

  13. Why do people act like exclusively targeting children is a smart idea? Shouldn’t they be targeting EVERYONE like Nintendo does with Mario? They can’t make Sonic games as well as they used to, so they’re simply targeting the audience that doesn’t know any better.

  14. Why does everyone hate this game?

    I loved it!

    Just as I loved 06 and Unleashed. those 2 are my 2 favorite games. and guess what? THIS IS COMING FROM AN OLDER SONIC FAN THATS BEEN WITH HIM SINCE SONIC 2.

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