Rumor: Game Gear Titles DS Bound?

Rumor: Game Gear Titles DS Bound?

Earlier this week, the GoNintendo blog received a tip from one of its longtime readers, Pezmanmike, regarding the upcoming DS Virtual Console service coming to the Nintendo DSi.  While it has been rumored that the first-party Game Boy catalogue would be apart of the DS Virtual Console service, the Game Gear catalogue is now in the mix as well.

The initial Game Boy rumor surfaced after a Club Nintendo event at this week’s Game Developer’s Conference.  Pezmanmike backed the initial rumor that Nintendo mentioned bringing Game Boy games to a DS Virtual Console service, but also said that “SEGA was interested” in the service.  “Nothing is set in stone, but [Nintendo] is looking into it,” Pezmanmike says.

Will classics like Sonic: Triple Trouble become portable once again?  We shall find out.  Until then, I’ll keep playing an emulated version on my Wii.

[From GoNintendo]

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  1. I found the game gear and master system Sonic titles to be weaker than the Megadrive alternatives with lower frame rate, speed and collision detection BUT the original titles for the system like Triple Trouble were definetly interesting. Too bad I’m not getting a DSi…………

  2. You don’t have to have DSi to play games like that, there many that uses emulation. Or just buy a colection games with these old titles to PS2, or as sonicgureu said:Play them on Sonic DX.
    This DSi is in my opinion piece of crap, the only reson why they make this is to protect the DS from stuff like “R4” that alows you to play downloaded games. It’s not better than the DS Lite in anyway, it has a camera with 3.2 meagpixles, lol I have something better caled “didigtal camera”.
    But that’s my opinion.

  3. The DSi Is just another source of Nintencash. The DSi has less than the original DS in the way of region locking, constant updates… And much more stuff that cripples us the DS community. All of these games can be emulated for free. Knowledge is power in this case I’m afraid…

  4. Osnic, I know what you mean. I have a DS Lite with a CycloDS Evolution. I can get everything they’re offering except the camera. I just may cave in and get one though. I’ll keep my Lite for my CycloDS but I’ll use the DSi for the extra new features. Seeing as I got my DS for 90 and my PSP for 80 I don’t mind cashing out for one. I always get my systems used anyways. It’d be nice to have a fresh one that I don’t have to bitch about a scratched screen or issues. (Not counting my Wii N64, and Gamecube those were new)

  5. Also, here’s to hoping N64 games. Rare teased us with Banjo-Kazooie on the DS then said it was an April fools joke. Now I really want it! >=O

  6. ………..ok
    I have play the older titles to death now. I know them inside out and now I cant say I am too excited these days about compliation packs and stuff.

  7. time to get out one of my 3 Game Gears and choose the game that works the best…. or SADX, or SMC+, or emulation on my PSP, computer, or… wait a camera? I’d like to see some new stuff… not yesteryear.

  8. great now all can play sonic labyrinth!!!!!
    seriosly i dont care. the only reason for dsi is because ma accu (is that written right?)
    is nearly empty it only works 3 h now.
    ahh and sa for a dsi WOULD be possible but it is nintendo we will get some mario rip offs O_o
    waiting for sonic rush 3

  9. Meh, I have the originals… and the remakes.. and the Gamecube collections.. not to mention the VC downloads..
    Still getting a DSi thou, even though Nintendo really needs to fix their online servers… .. who am I kidding *forks out $170*

  10. As nice as the upcoming VC service to DSi sounds(assuming it will be true) the only way I could possibly consider myself buying the DSi(just for the VC service and nothing else)would be if games like Kirby dreamland 1 and 2 and the Wario land games 1-3 were to be part of that service. Otherwise I’am just fine with my original DS and DS lite and have no use(or the need to spend money for such a stupid high price) for a new DS with extra useless junk.

  11. I don’t care unless we get more than Sonic games, we’ve all already played all of those.

  12. Good job I got a Dsi! Hope it happens, Triple Trouble kicked ass!

    @ Eggman123

    Im hoping the bit about Sonic labyrinth was sarcasm. If not…

    I’ll go and weep into my Sonic hat.

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