Mega777 found! Happy ending to SatBK contest

Mega777 found! Happy ending to SatBK contest

Good news everyone, ArchangelUK has let the community know in a new Sonic City Blognik entry that he has managed to track down Mega777!

For those who don’t know, a SatBK fan art contest winner by the name of Antonio Miniero entered into the contest a near exact copy of Mega777’s SA2 scene art piece despite the rules clearly stating that submissions had to be original artwork created by yourself. Antonio Miniero’s copy made it into the final shipped copies of Sonic and the Black Knight for Wii but Antonio was found out soon after the game’s release and was immediately disqualified, though he took it well and understood he had broken the rules.

Mega777 who’s real name is Francesca will now be sent a free copy of Sonic and the Black Knight together with a SEGA goody bag and some rare Sonic and the Secret Rings art prints signed by Ogawa-san from ArchangelUK’s own personal vault. Nice one AAUK 😉

ArchangelUK also informs us that Francesca(Mega777) has taken her talent to the world of work animating storyboards for TV shows and movies. How cool is that? Happy ending all round!


  1. It’s nice to see issues in the community being resolved without the usual use of the lynch mob and someone being burned at the stake as a witch. It’s not the ideal situation, no, but Antonio seems genuinely sorry, and Mega777 is now the receipient of a pile of merch worthy of a king. Nice save AAUK.

  2. If I may quote Tails for a moment..”Well I guess all’s well that end’s well right?”

  3. …And the city was destroyed. *sigh* I love Sonic game scripts.

    Plagiarism is quite an important thing, especially the higher you get up the artistic ladder. Imagine somebody ripping off your work and being able to sell it for five grand. Meanwhile your own piece could be considering plagiarism of -theirs-. Nightmarish.

    And if he was geniunely sorrow about it, then fine. But if more copies of the game are made (if indeed it garners enough demand for that) then maybe his work should probably be replaced with the original, or maybe the two could even share a page. You know, as two different takes on the same scene and angle?

  4. This sort of thing is important to artists such as myself. If somebody copied my stuff and sent it into SEGA and THEY got prizes…oh dear lord may he have mercy upon their souls, because I WON’T. Good job AAUK. I’m so glad you’re a part of the community!

  5. I’m so happy that all worked out so well!


    I’m another one of the contest winnners, and I’m wondering if this SNAFU has anything to do with the other North American winners not yet receiving copies of the game? It’s almost been a month, and we’re getting kinda disgruntled over here. If anybody knows what’s up, please let me know!

    Evan S.

  6. Good to here that Mega777 is doing something cool with her talents after all this time. Haven’t seen her work is sooo long. This is truly a happy ending. 😀

  7. @Stephen
    Mega777 is a girl, the only ‘he’s’ I put in the article are in the part where I’m talking about Antonio taking his disqualification well. I haven’t put a single ‘she’ in the article just a ‘her’ when I’m talking about Mega777, her real name being Francesca and her career.

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