Jetix & Gaya Extend Sonic Toy License

Jetix & Gaya Extend Sonic Toy License

The companies that brought you the incredible “Sonic the Hedgehog Chess” and squeezable Sonic figures, Jetix Consumer Products and Gaya Entertainment, have expanded their licensing agreement for more Sonic toys.  CEO of Gaya Entertainment, Andre Schmitz, said:

“We are very proud to announce the teaming up of Jetix and Gaya Entertainment for this project.  2009 will be an important year for everybody´s favorite Hedgehog and being a part of it is highly appreciated. With our product line-up for Sonic, we intend to offer something for everyone, may it be old or young.”

Georg Liedmeier, licensing manager at Jetix Consumer Products also spoke:

“Jetix is looking forward to working with Gaya Entertainment and delivering quality products from one of its most cherished franchises to both fans of the series and model collectors alike.”

The company will be rolling out new collectibles by the end of May, but has yet to find a UK distributor.  Three companies are in talks with Jetix and Gaya for UK distribution.

[From Toy News Online]

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  1. yay that’d be cool or maybe action figure from satbk. Also speaking of stretchy arms that the stetchy arms made me think a lot about ristar. New game 2010 please

  2. Sonic….hmm….how about a silver the hedgehog figure or plushy?I have to resort to making my own plushy,looks kind of bad XD.Or some satam figures*I know sally has a few figures,but very rare*?A set of them,not very big,just a few inches.I’d so buy that.

  3. I don’t think that they’d make a werehog or Black Knight figure. Jetix and Gaya are more classic Sonic-oriented, in order to make “collectibles.” Take a look at all of the ones available and you’ll see Genesis-era Robotnik, cutesy Tails, and short-spined Sonic.

    You never know, though.

  4. it would be cool if we got some robotnik figures, something i’m yet to have apart from the crappy mcdonalds toys

  5. For the Robotnik figures, they should have eggmobiles with different attachments on it!
    They could also make a wave of figures based on the Archie comic series.

  6. they are making sonic stress toys too XD little squeezable figures! and smaller heyring versions (on website now)

  7. What? Not Sonic Connect 4 I hope!!
    I FINALLY got to buy the official thing for under 10 bucks last weekend. (As well as a Skip-it!!! =D)
    As much as I love it, I don’t think I can handle owning the game more than twice.

  8. Good stuff…Hopefully we see a playset of somesort with a reconstruction of greenhill. Haha here’s dreaming.

  9. GreenHillZoneActionSetComesWithEverythingYouSeeHere,SonicRushAdventureFiguresSoldSeparatelyFromJetixGaya!

  10. i know this coming out of nowhere, but does anybody remember ristar? you know that game with the star that looks like sonic who has strechy arms? sega needs to do a reboot, the guy wh created the characters stll works at sega so why not beg him to ask his boss can he make another one?

  11. Although, in my opinion, Character Options should make Sonic action figures. They make detailed Dr. Who figures – The best yet!
    Eggman should have more articulation, and has an Eggmobile he can properly sit in, and the eggmobile should have removable attachments on it. Both the classic and new Dr Eggman and both should have eggmobiles.

  12. omg it woule be great if they all of the sonic character as plush like silver(by the way i heard it coming out) and if they had blaze and made make more rouge plush and figure seriously thats right i heard silvaze is going to come out ^^ but it shine fabric oh well it suposivly suppose to come out

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