Black Knight’s “Casual Direction:” Parte Deux

Black Knight’s “Casual Direction:” Parte Deux

Set “sarcasm” and “smart-ass” levels to 11.  OK, ready…

I had an experiment last week.  One that I said to take with as many grains of salt as you would like:

You can take as many grains of salt from this experiment as you would like to (it is just three kids after all), but, personally, Sonic Team’s failure to hit their target audience speaks volumes on the state of the series.

No foolin’.  If you were level-headed enough to read the entire article, you got to read the above statement and made a level-headed assessment, either in agreement with the article or not.  I assume that the unnecessarily disgruntled, drama-loving lunkheads who frequent the Sega of America boards and TSSZ comment boxes were too flustered to keep reading by the second or third paragraph of the article and went right to peeing their footy pajamas and raging about “experimenting on more kids.”  Well, an “experiment” consists of testing a small group to draw a conclusion on the whole.  Looking in a second grade science textbook can tell you that much.  I guess the crowd that can’t deal with an opinion radically different from theirs was too busy looking at Cream & Marine hentai that they slid into their books while the teacher was going over that chapter.

It’s okay, lunkheads, because my new buddy, Core, has hooked me up with a similar experiment conducted by a French-language magazine.  I have no idea which magazine, but Core and I can assure you that it’s real.  In the article, they ask three kids about Black Knight.  They even give the game a score out of twenty, so you can justify your purchase with a number!  Wow!  A number and an opinion that agrees with the lunkheads?  Hot damn!


So, the three kids that I tested all disliked the game and these French children liked the game.  Combine the two experiments and the game gets a 3/6, or a 50%.  Fifty percent, hmm… that number looks familiar.  Or, at least, is rather close to a certain Metacritic rating.

This new article leads me to draw a new conclusion when it comes to the the game’s reception to not just its target audience, but even the gaming public as a whole:

Sonic & the Black Knight: Mixed reaction.  Mediocre.  End of story.  If you like it, great.  If you don’t like it, great.

Nobody is stopping you from doing either.

A big thank you to Core for providing TSS with this article and for being cool about presenting an opposing opinion.  Be more like Core.

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  1. Were u guys talking about my comment cause some of the quotes you said were similar to mine but changed a tad bit, sorry if u took it the wrong way but I wasn’t commenting on your comments I understand ur jokes but they seem more like stabs then jokes

  2. well if people cant handle being criticized after giving criticism about a game then go get stuffed
    stop worrying about what someone writes about a game and go get laid

  3. Eh, I never take the French’s opinions seriously anyway. And it’s not like their experiment was anymore scientific than Brad’s. Same sample size, same method, same experiment.

  4. Sorry if mine was one of those bad comments, but I still say that you don’t need to swing the ‘mote like a sword when it reads a flick the same way. I also agree with Tim that some of the jokes and other comments on the game feels the game and the people who like it are being stabbed. This article was less like that.

    It is kinda like, “If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, great.” The opinions and reviews (?) seem to be just as mixed as Chronicles was. So again, for those of you who do like it, don’t choke people with how much you like it and that “they should like it too.” If you don’t like it, don’t be mean to the game and to those who like it because there are things to appreciate in even the most horrible games, even if you don’t see it. No Drama ’09?

  5. Hmm…..

    I think that SEGA needs to explore the concept of Difficulty levels so that all ages can enjoy a game. To be honest, SatBK is near impossible on some missions and to think of this as aimed at kids…. Wow….. Torture them on certain mission like “Defeat As Many Enemies as Possible”? What is SEGA thinking anymore?

    We need Difficulty levels. Something Console Sonic games unfortunately lack while games like Rush and Rush Adventure for handhelds have this feature. I mean…. To be honest, Sonic Unleashed wasn’t difficult enough. We need some frakking difficulty settings.

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