Speculation Nation: What is “Project RINGO?”

Speculation Nation: What is “Project RINGO?”

First, we get shakey mushrooms and now we get some silhouette juggling an apple (which is “Ringo” in Japanese, by the by).  I don’t know what to expect from this new teaser site after the 8-bit mushroom made way for a blatant Mario rip-off with dick jokes.  I think it’s safe to speculate that we’re getting a platforming game out of this deal.

The teaser page is a little flash ditty with the cartoony silhouette tapping its foot to an upbeat tune.

Check out Project RINGO.

[Source: SegaNerds via Kotaku.]

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  1. Seeing how the silhouette matches the logo and all… you don’t think this creation is going to be Sonic’s replacement, do you? o.o
    I mean… look at Alex Kidd…

  2. My first thoughts was ‘Nights’, but then I remembered how bad the last one did…

    Maybe Sega want to enter the current fad of music games too?

  3. Sega corporates shoot Sonic in the back: ” Enough crappy games out of you, now we’ve got a new mascot!” Ok maybe not but it will be interesting to see what this develops into.

  4. How dare SEGA to bring a new pet? Huh? Why not consevan loyalty to Sonic but I like Sonic as the “Ringo” Sonic join me in what was my life as a Hardcore Gamer and I will not let you change for someone who has silhouette of girl

  5. Looks like a platformer character.

    Doesn’t look like a furry, and the hairdo looks like something I’ve seen on a Pokemon. That psychic one, you know?

    Her little dress resembles Amy’s. What this has to do with apples, I have no idea.

  6. If it’s a new mascot to replace Sonic then you won’t be seeing me around these boards anymore.

  7. So if it’s a new mascot, maybe Sega can sell Sonic to Nintendo… and we can get an excellent 3D Sonic finally! 😀

    …yeah, I don’t think it’s a new mascot. 😛 That’s be… madness.

  8. Didn’t Naka say that Sega had approved an idea of his for a platformer?

    Looks kind of like Amy, but with long sleeves. I’m calling it now, that bump on her head is a pair of goggles.

  9. C.Olimar788 you can have your opinion but it would suck you know! SEGA is the only one how can make a good Sonic game, everyone was just wow when Bioware was going to make a Sonic game and everyone was sure that it would rule. What happend!? CRAP! Nintendo dosen’t know what speed is so it wouldnt work. I hope this isn’t a new mascot, it is probably that cus when I hope it isn’t it is. But I don’t hope so, I don’t know what I should do then without Sonic, hes the best character and I don’t know any other series I could begin with then… Sonic is a part of my life since I was 7 and a half year and I’ll be 14 this year. So 6 and a half year with Sonic.
    But this might be good, I hope so.

  10. I remember thinking that Sega was replaing Sonic with Billy Hatcher when that first came out … I believe the series was then followed by Heroes, Shadow, and 06, so a few people may have preferred that. XD In any case, new mascot no (though a female mascot for a video game company would be a first), but definitely interesting.

  11. I understand if you Sonic will not be without Osnic the same for me if I remove a Sonic hat and sell it to Nintendo (as C. Olimar said) it’s as if I remove my children’s great and fantastic that I had with him, all the crazy dreams and exciting and had with Sonic, my geek insasiable desire to have it all coleccionbles objects will go endrenaje andalusia oblivion that nothing else SEGA Decius surrender, then do not allow Long live Sonic The Hedgehog! Do not let me remove 8 years of Allegiance so Sonic just because they do not know that

    SONIC ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ LONG LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡¡¡SLF!!!

  12. Some of you people need more common sense. Most likely this is not a new mascot, Sonic’s still got a large fanbase and Sega knows this. A company pretty much never makes new mascots these days, in fact, almost all mascots are gone period. It’s just some regular new game coming out, big deal.

    Besides, even if it was a new mascot, who cares? They’re still making Sonic games, who cares if he’s a “mascot” or not. “Quit whining.”

  13. And also, am I the only one who noticed the “What happens?…next. 2.24”? Something going to happen February 24th you think?

  14. Yeah, this does kinda look like Puyo Pop.

    If this is to be a new mascot (which I doubt), it better be damn good if it’s supposed to replace Sonic.

  15. It’s Billy Hatcher’s apple obsessed cousin. I saw Billy in the forest telling Ringo(if that’s his/her name) about his adventure and Ringo bopping Billy on the egg with the fruit you see him with yelling “An apple a day keep’s the eggas away Billy! An apple a day keeps the eggs away!!”

  16. This is not a replacement. Just because she’s beside the SEGA logo doesnt mean anything other than new sega character! And thats always good. The only bad sega game is called Eco the Dolphin. And then all these people think that Sega will replace sonic. and then you all think that Sega’ll sell sonic to nintendo and then make a good 3D sonic game well guess what Sonic 06 and Unleahsed and all the other 3D games where way better than the old genesis titles.

    and Next 2 24 could mean next year or just a few days from now we dont know. If that last game was mario with pingas jokes then this could be kirby with um… apple jokes?

  17. HOLAS: ™

    i can’t believe that a post wich ended with “jk” made such an impact in the fanbase xD

    but whatever it is… the silhouette looks awesome…. looks like a female sonic character, i’m not saying it’s a sonic game, i’m saying i look some sonic style in it…

    i hope it’s the new naka platformer (but that should be showed in the prope site, so my hopes are low)

  18. I don’t know anymore!?!? It’d be cool if it was another Billy Hatcher in some way or form. I just hope what ever this game is doesn’t turn out to be too girly, like pink, rainbows, and unicorns every where. Maybe a little, but most of you might get what I mean.

  19. Well, if its hosted on a japanese site, chances are we won’t see it here anytime soon.
    Probably a Wiiware game.. I dont think anyone would even think twice about purchasing a game about a girl with apples on 360 / PS3. Possibly DS.
    As to who it is.. probably a new character

  20. I dont think SEGA’s making a new mascot, thats just too much, Sonic has been the mascot for years they cant just change him like that in an instant. thats just silly. Just a new game I think so dont worry too much.

  21. It’s good Sega’s finally making new games instead of relying on Sonic and racing titles.
    And this is unrelated, but if they put Puyo Pop 15th Anniversary on WiiWare, I would be happy to buy it.

  22. Well, I think that this would not be the end of Sonic. Sega knows that there exist Sonic-fans in all the world. Probably, this character would be a new sonic character for next games or for a new season of the anime series “Sonic X”. You do not think so too?

  23. If this is Sonic’s replacement….SEGA can got to hell. and burn. BURN. BURN IN THE FIERY PIT OF HELL! MWA HA HA HAAAAA!!! … *clears throat* . But seriously, Sonic is the only reason I got into SEGA.

  24. HEY
    i think i have found the answer
    didnt sega say they were mking a portable device for mp3 and mp4 that could play a few games
    well this could be a built in game

  25. “well guess what Sonic 06 and Unleahsed and all the other 3D games where way better than the old genesis titles.”

    …Someone needs to go die in a house fire. XD

    Good god there are some stupid people here. Stop saying it’s a new mascot!

  26. So, Sega are planning what’s more than likely nothing more than a new game that doesn’t involve Sonic, and you think it’s the end of the world? Honestly, Nintendo fans don’t panic a quarter as much when they see something new.

  27. Anonymous, we’re not complaining. We’re just saying we don’t want something we grew up with to be replaced with an apple-throwing girl in a skirt. I’m pretty sure most Nintendo fans would react like this if this happened to Mario.

  28. I’m hoping it’s a new Ristar game. I just bought that on the virtual console and it’s awesome, but difficult. Or maybe this has something to do with Sonic and the Black Knight or Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic games?

  29. How do you all know it’s even a girl? For all you know, It could be a guy with tremendously baggy shorts.

    And besides, it’s not like a female lead can’t survive in America, just ask Laura Craft, Jill Valentine and Amitie!*Bricked*

    Oh, and Puyo Experts don’t seem to believe this to be a new Puyo game(If it was, we know it’d never get out of Japan for sure! Just look at poor Puyo Pop Fever 2 and Puyo Puyo! 15th Aniversary)

  30. Well….Sega hav done some stupid things, but even they wouldn’t replace a mascot as beloved as Sonic. Alex Kidd was nevr that popular….not that I would know I don’t even think I was born. THe silhuoette looks distinctly ‘sonic’ like, just look at the shoes
    Unsure what that would mean though….

  31. wuhu should i say it too?
    yes i should!
    it wont be a new mascot sega will do a sonic game to his 20th anniversary and that should be better kick ass!!!!!!
    at least we get then a sonic figure and i dont have one untill now.

  32. CartoonistGuy!: Yeah I know that, but Sega wouldn’t dare do something THAT stupid. If they were replacing Sonic, then what about M&S Winter Olympics, Chronicles 2, and the rumors about that new mainstream Sonic game? Doesn’t sound like a retiring mascot now does it?

  33. the silhouette looks like she could be a character from the sonic series
    hmm maybe there planning on another alternative universe or a spin off series

    if they really are dropping sonic lets hope they make Sonic Adventure 3 first it would make a great end too the series rather than another not so good game

    she actually looks abit like Amy but with her warrior feather

  34. Oh, hey, AAUK. Maybe you should learn to read the word “blatant” before the word “rip-off.”

    Oh, and hey, you’re right. Everybody went fucking crazy. Just a normal day in the Sonic community. *whistles*

  35. First: Chao: You forgot some one very important, SAMUS!
    Second: Anonymous speaks the truth. You didn’t see people filp out when Captain Olimar or Chibi Robo hit the scene. People need to calm down, their fanboyism/fangirlism is showing.
    Lastly: Sega would never, EVER, sell Sonic, under ANY circumstances. It’s absolutely ludicrous to believe any different. They’d be bought out first. Though if they did get bought out, I’d want it to be by Nintendo, since they share a similar design of games.

  36. Hopefully, SEGA will wise up and make a new mascot: a rabbit named Happy. He’ll be educational, but for hardcore gamers he’ll sniff crack and carry around his trusty buddy: Bullet Bill! And they won’t get sued by Nintendo because SEGA ALREADY SOLD THEMSELVES TO NINTENDO! WHADDYA THINK? HUH? HUH? ” Count the amount of times Emo Buddy cuts himself!” 😀

  37. I didn’t flip out either, so don’t count me in!
    Let’s consider a possiblity, this could be a Nintendo-Sega partnered game. Look back to what was the first teaser. It had Sega’s signature, but elements from a mario game (pole in address and mushroom). It seems vague, but the character could be some sort of product of Mario’s and Sonic’s universes. Just look at the M&S Olympic games and SSB Brawl, all have them together even if they were licensed, produced, and sold by the companies seperately. Also, I do think it is safe to assume that this is a female charecter by not just the “skirt,” but over all appearence.
    Note: Wouldn’t it be more productive to use the replies to deduce what all of this means than to go,”OH MY GOD! THEY’RE GOING TO REPLACE SONIC!” or,”THEY’RE NOT GOING TO REPLACE SONIC YOU BUNCH OF IDIOTS!” It is entertaining to see that, but it isn’t doing anything for the fan community.

  38. “Nintendo doesn’t know what speed is”

    You deserve a Falcon Punch for over looking F-Zero.

  39. XD God, you give a generic theory to try and spook people, and suddenly… people are spooked XD

    I believe it’s just another attempt by Sega to make a good platforming game with a new IP. I reckon it’ll just be this character, collecting apples for some magical abilities on a probably 2D stage. Which, in review, is still a fun basic game. Though… now that I think about it, that’s just straight-up Crash Bandicoot XD

  40. Anyone else thought it could be some minigame stuff game? No? No one? Bah…
    I just hope it’s not a new mascot. I wouldn’t think it is, but then, the SEGA logo, Naka presumably involved…. scary 😛

    @Cold Dog: Lol yeah that’d be some crash bandicoot 😛

  41. “You deserve a Falcon Punch for over looking F-Zero”
    Sega developed the two best games in the F-Zero series… GX and AX… But there we go.

    Also.. Project Ringo is obviously NOT going to replace Sonic that is silly beyond words… Why would anyone think that.


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