So, who wants to go to the Summer of Sonic 2009?

So, who wants to go to the Summer of Sonic 2009?

6th March Update: All comments have been wiped with the site’s recent server crash. We still have a count of all the people who took the time to write a comment showing their interest. So as not to mess up our ballpark figure, if you have already written in this post before the server wipe please do not so so again. If you do, please let us know you have already posted before. Thanks!

Last year, The Sonic Stadium held, with support from SEGA Europe and Sonic Wrecks, the world’s first Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention in London’s Covent Garden. With a playable demo of Sonic Chronicles, the Guinness Book of Records adjudicating Sonic 2 times, a special song from Dreams of an Absolution singer Lee Brotherton, signings from Sonic the Comic’s Nigel Kitching and a performance from TJ Davis and Richard Jacques (!), the Summer of Sonic metamorphasised overnight from a quaint little British meetup to an internationally recognised, had-to-go-there event.

And as you may already know, we’re doing it all again this year. Only bigger.

I can reveal right now that the confirmed date for the next Summer of Sonic will be Saturday 29th August 2009. The venue has not been finalised, but it will be situated in London, UK.

What I want to know is how many of you will come to SoS 09 on this date.

The reasons I ask this are pretty straightforward, if you knew that we had to turn many people away from the event in 2008. The demand far outstripped the capacity of the poor community hall that we had hired for the day. In a space suited for 200, the Dragon Hall Covent Garden saw 300 Sonic-crazed people flock through their doors. Had we not restricted entry on the Summer of Sonic website, and fully promoted the event in the media as we originally planned, who knows how many people would have showed up.

So what we’re doing here is getting a sample of interested people so we (that’s the Summer of Sonic organisation staff – consisting of myself and AAUK of SEGA Europe for now) can get an idea of how big a hall we can squeeze out of our budget. All you need to do is post a comment stating how many in your household are able to come to this event on the 29th August.

While I can’t reveal anything in regards to what will actually be there this year, here’s some information that will whet your appetite – Jun Senoue knows of Summer of Sonic. Richard Jacques said he would happily attend another SoS. You couldn’t stop Lee Brotherton from getting involved again. Sonic Team’s reaction to SoS 2008 was also reported to be very positive, and SEGA Europe as a whole are both very keen to be more involved yet very respectful as to this being about a fan gathering rather than a buck generator.

This, coupled with the success of Covent Garden last year, should be an indication that there will be at least several things at SoS 2009 to get super-excited about.

So – London, United Kingdom. Saturday 29th August 2009. Who’s able to come? Spread the word!

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  1. I’m thinking about it, most likely me and a friend. I’ll be able to catch the train, don’t care about travel expenses as I really wanna see what this is all about.

  2. I’m still going, re-aranged my holiday and everything. May have a +1 if she can make it down… really hope she can xx.

  3. “TYPING IN CAPS TO GET ATTENTION FROM MOD DUDE” Sorry I missed the warning about the ballpark figure, already mentioned I would be coming in the last news item pre-crash/wipe.

  4. Thank goodness this doesn’t clash with Ayacon, I missed this last year due to a clash. 1 place for me ^^

  5. YAH!! I posted before but now my friend said he can definetly come! So that’ll be another 2 places. Hope theres an artist from the comic series there like I heard about last year, coz me like signings!

  6. I’ll most likely be there again and will likely bring 1 other. Great to see this happening again.

  7. Why does the summer of Sonic logo look like it was made on microsoft paint? I mean…with all the talent out there, you’d think someone would step up and make it look, I dunno…good?

  8. Too bad I can’t join the party. There seriously needs to be a counterpart in the US. Might I suggest Seattle?

  9. I posted before the server wipe, just re-confirming my entry! I’m most likely coming on my own.

  10. I would loooooove to go. I live in the USA — would need to get a passport, tickets and time off of work… but I so think it would be worth it! Not to mention I’ve wanted to go to London for years. 😛 Can’t say I am going for sure but I’m definitely interested…

  11. i will definitely be coming, i wanted to go last year but i found out about SoS a bit too late. but this year now i know of its existance i will be going :).

  12. (i already posted last time round but just incase you didn’t take note)

    I will be coming with my Girlfriend, COUNT ME IN

    you’ll also possibly see Black Knight Cosplay from me

  13. I posted last time, but to secure my place, here I am stating my claim once again.

    I, Lu.F (Rebecca Smith), will be attending Summer of Sonic 09, and I will have no people accompanying me for the forseeable future.


  14. Myself and my friends are coming again.

    That’ll be me, my boyfriend, my best friend, Dazz (probably) and Kagura.

    So that’s 5 in my group.

  15. :O I dunno if I’ll be able to go but I’m totally gonna put myself down on the numbers- and I’d probably bring a friend or two…so about 2-3 including myself.

    |D; I’d be attemptin’ to fly all the was from Cali though— sounds expensive.

  16. I’d love to go. I had planned to go since last year (which I missed) …. but one problem …. It’s so Late that I’d hardly call it summer (ok it’s still summer but ….) because my Summer holidays Have (probably) ended by then. I’ll have to check with my school first when I start again.

  17. I had so much fun last year so im definitely coming again 😛
    Hopfully going with my friend I met there last year ^_^
    Cant wait to cya all there! =D


    I live in London and I planned to go last year, but I was visiting my family abroad. But this year I can goo even if I’m going abroad, cos I’ll be back by August 29th! This year is gonna pwn!

  19. i`m coming and i’ll be with my mum i’ll be under the name zachary ”shadowzac” oliver and my mum is called sarah oliver incase u ask for names

  20. I have posted before the crash so don’t recount this, but I just wanted to restate that I am coming and it shall just be me in my party.

  21. I might be able to come this year, but there’s always the possibility of school getting in the way. But still, possibly 2-3 counting me.

  22. I am going to it.. it will be awesome. i will be going to london meeting a fellow sonic and deviantart frind in Amethsit then going together with her mother. its going to be great and we will probably see suited up sonic characters and get to play on the machines after a very long queue waiting

  23. Me and my dad! I posted before the server wipe, just re-confirming my interest here!:D

  24. I left a comment saying I was going before, but I thought I better leave a comment again because I forgot to mention my parents will be coming with me, so that makes 3 of us.

  25. LTTP: Yeah I’m coming with 2 friends, we’re all a bit old so we might need some help on the stairs : )

  26. I would like to attend this event also. It looks like it will a fabulous show, with a great atmosphere and it is a huge opportunity to meet fellow Sonic fans. Discussions and debates about the various characters, shows and games will be quite interesting. Hopefully there may be merchandise available for purchase. If possible, a maximum of 2 will be attending, contingent on the amount of room available.

  27. i will be wearing : dark t-shirt with shadows white chest fur on it,cardboard rings with matching gloves and black trousers though i say no to styling my hair

  28. As long as I can get the day free from work, I’ll be there. Probably with a group, but I think they’ve already posted here already, so not including any others. Please let us know where very soon! ^^

  29. 2 adults 2 children are very keen to attend the Sonic Convention in August. Will there be different prices for adults and children or a family ticket available at a reduced price?

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