Scavenger Hunt!: Find Classic Games and “Starfish Head”

Scavenger Hunt!: Find Classic Games and “Starfish Head”

On the U.S. Sonic and the Black Knight website, you can engage in some fun and find surprises while you wait for Sonic’s next non-canon trip to Arthurtown.


The site is VERY flash heavy, so make sure that you have the latest updates.

Anyway, there are 4 references to classic SEGA games on the Black Knight site and I’ve given away two in Wonderboy and Alex Kidd.  Can you find the other two references?  First one to find them gets a shiny, red ball.

Secondly, Silver, who shall always be referred to as “Starfish Head,” is confirmed for this game through the site’s “papercrafts” section.  You can print out paper versions of Sonic & Co.’s armor.  Starfish Head has some slick gear:

If you ever wanted for someone to question your sexuality, then print this out, fold it up, and wear it to school.  Then, at dinner, your dad will regret not making you play contact sports and/or not beating you enough.  Good times.

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  1. There is a golden axe and a shining force sign along with the wonderboy poster and the alex kidd crates 😀

    Shiny red ball please?

  2. Huzzah, Silver’s back! Good to see that Sega’s not overexposing him, unlike a certain OTHER hedgehog I know.

  3. HOLAS: ™

    any idea what’s the role of starfish head in the game?

    i think starfish head may be available in multiplayer mode… since i can’t see his role in the history….

    maybe i’m missing one knight or something :S

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