New GT Trailer: Sonic & Shadow Duel Once More

New GT Trailer: Sonic & Shadow Duel Once More

Maaaaan, back when Sonic Adventure 2 was the shiznit, Sonic and Shadow were all like “faker” and “NO U” in some jungle.  The dialogue was so bad, that it was awesome.  Then, Sonic and Shadow went at it as the island that they were on exploded.

If you have ever thought to yourself that the fight would have been better with swords, your wet dream has come true.  GameTrailers’ new SatBK trailer has some footage of the duel between Sonic and Shadow, amongst other things.  The trailer showcases more environments, gameplay, action sequences, and the storybook cutscenes (which are less low-budget than Secret Rings, by the way).  You also get to see more of these graphics that all of these news folk are raving about.

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  1. Awesome, I liked this version of the song =) I just think that the whole game looks too.. dark, obscure. too much cloudy places and dark stuff. Maybe it’s just me. Looking forward to the game =)

  2. “Faker? You’re comparing yourself to me? Ha! You’re not even good enough to be my fake!”
    I thought that was a great line. No like in heroes.
    “Then it looks like that’ll be a date to DIE for!”
    Now that’s corny.

  3. I’ve decided to give this comment thing a shot. I just have to say wow to the graphics in everything, including the cut scenes that just seem to do a lot more for the game than secret rings. Though the Shadow shoe thing still isn’t well explained, he still looks cool. I wonder how his sword will differ from Sonic’s, other than the style. The only thing I think could ruin this game for me is the possible storyline, considering all of the different characters that have been “said” to be in the game. Also, Sega could ruin this if they turn around and not have these characters in the game *Cough* Unleashed, even though it was decent *Cough*. I said too much didn’t I?

  4. i think its like stulf said it i hated it that there was no knuckles or shadow in the unleashed (optinal charas i want running around with shad in these stages)
    and now they are here

  5. Shadow with that helmet? It is extrange… And the chaos control? Well, I suposed that the game shold be like this. I am waiting Spring only to buy it!!!

  6. this shit looks like GARBAGE… I mean yeah its fast but sonic with a sword and shadow suited up in crappy ass armor? WHAT THE HELL MAN…WHAT THE HELL

  7. @shaic360: STFU. We already KNOW it’ll be awesome xP I’m even more sold now.

    Also, finally a trailer with a different version of KotW. It was getting a bit too boring with those 2 other versions ALL the time.

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