Fanatics: Sonic Playing Sonic

Fanatics: Sonic Playing Sonic

This picture has been buried in my DA favorites for a while now (since 2006!), but I still wanted to show it off to you.  It’s by dark-kelsk and is a 3D scene of Sonic playing his Mega Drive and is picture perfect.  The detail on the furniture and the Mega Drive is great and the lighting throughout is spot-on.  The Sonic model is pretty badass, too.

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  1. I have known about this pic for ages, but could never find the big version, I could only find a tiny copy of it :\
    Thanks 😀

  2. That picture just made me want to post my 1st comment!Looks pretty cool and all the tiny details like the ring, tails photo and what seems like the 1st xbox 360 boss. 🙂

  3. Note: Sonic is so hooked on the game that he has been peeing in a glass rather than pressing pause. Good man!

  4. I’ve seen that pic!!
    Unfortunately the artist does not do Sonic anymore and they get mad when you fav. it :/

  5. This is very cool! I like the environment – kind of like an apartment or some other pad. The only thing is the orange juice looks not quite like orange juice if that’s what it is supposed to be. The artist must be very skilled. I can only imagine the work that went into this.

  6. Yeah, I’m gonna throw a grenade into this post..
    Look at the position of the TV against that of the couch.. Sonic isn’t exactly sitting in front of the TV, so he needs to turn his head slightly clock-wise

  7. A lovely picture, made even more perfect by him looking quite annoyed whilst playing Marble Zone. I know the feeling 😀

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