Fanatics: Amy Unleashed

Fanatics: Amy Unleashed

Brainiac the Hedgehog from DA put this picture on his profile back on Halloween of ’08, but I just found it and I think that it rules.  I don’t know how he did it, but here it is:

Take away what you will from this fantastic edit of this infamous Sonic Unleashed snapshot.

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  1. That’s tickled me, especially your tag for the post Brad XD That’s going to be stuck in my head all night.

  2. (That’s a rude comment Chili_Dawg)

    This picture is funny. I wish I could edit stuff like that. lol

  3. HOLAS: ™

    i always said that picture has “endless possibiliies” for lulz and awesome

    but it’s funier with sonic 😛

    great edit though… i have no idea how he could possibily make the dress and the hair (?)

  4. I’ve seen Sonic Unleashed fan art of Amy… I thought this was cool. So this explains why she turns into a werehog herself in those fan arts… I thought it was just because of those times of the month…

  5. heh “endless possobilites” here, my thoughts are either she just got falcon pawnched or sonic turned her down again, perhaps sonic turned her down again witha falcon pawnch? great picture

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