Fanatics: A New Take on the Special Stage

Fanatics: A New Take on the Special Stage

Today’s featured fan-work is the winner of the mini-game contest over at Sonic Fan Games HQ.  LarkSS made this special stage without even thinking that he would win, but he ended up running away with the entire thing.  The stage’s premise is to get from point A to point B without falling into the bottomless pit below.  There’s a strict time limit, so collect the blue spheres scattered across the stage to gain boost energy.  Here’s Lark’s record setting run through his stage:

The minigame has a sweet, 80s vector look that I absolutely love.  It’s like colorful version of Metal Gear Solid’s VR Missions.

Download the special stage in normal resolution. (7z file)

Download with high resolution (recommended). (ZIP file)

Z is jump and X is boost.

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  1. Wow,that is cool! Why can’t sega think of this things ?

    Anyway if he put more graphics,(like stars in the background)springs,and mines. The mini-game would look more offical. Still very good job!

  2. I really want Sega to bring the Special Stages back… and this looks like a good reinvention of it, seeing as loads of people hated Heroes’…

    Unleashed disappointed me in the fact that the Temples didn’t require you to go through a Special Stage [as I’d originally hoped for], in order to restore the emerald[s]. It was just beat boss, big whoop [boooring!].

    Anyway… Other than fleshing out and testing, all this Special Stage idea needs now is some a trippy starry galaxy background [think STC’s Special Zone, or if you know nothing of that, then an expanded Sonic 2 colour / BG scheme].

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