Contest: Wear Papercrafts, Be A Tool

Contest: Wear Papercrafts, Be A Tool

That’s right.  I’m paying you to be a huge tool.  Here’s the scoop, readers:

  • Go to the U.S. Black Knight website
  • Find and print a papercraft knight helmet (sword optional).  Be sure to pick your favorite helmet.
  • Assemble the papercraft
  • Wear the papercraft
  • Do something absolutely stupid for comedic effect (i.e. pose, pose with complete strangers, make silly faces, wear a popped-collar shirt)
  • Take a picture of your tool action
  • Send it to: thesonicstadium AT
  • Win $10

Simple enough.  Be silly with paper knight helmets on and send in a photograph.  The person who looks like the biggest tool wins.  Pictures are due by February 21st.

I’ll be waiting.


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  1. I love sonic papercrafts I always made the sonic adventure 2 papercrafts but these are not even consitered papercrafts! 3 folds and your done, plus they look stupid who would even wear a silver hat you cant even make out what it is! anyways I think I might try the contest

  2. … \(^V^)/ The epitome of random awesome is this website! (Everybody likes Silver’s, huh?) And, Alan Davis, I take that as a challenge! I SHALL BE THE ULTIMATE COSPLAYER!!!

    …Okay, get Caliburn, die my hair temporarily blue, wear blue jacket and jeans… and a custom shirt. Aaaaaaaaaand we’re done!

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