247: A Number to Remember

247: A Number to Remember

If you thought that the last teaser was ambiguous, this one won’t help you much. The number “247″ is expressed many different ways while the mystery character’s silhouette tosses an apple in the background. The end of the video says that we’ll find out more on March 12th.

Also, I love Engrish. “What’s mean 247?” Bahahaha…

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  1. Um…this is kind of obvious

    The question is not “Engrish”

    It’s asking you a simple question ” What is mean 24/7?”

    Meaning, what is Mean and Angry all the time? RINGO IS!

    Ringo is mean 24/7

  2. “What is mean 247” is not grammatically correct. It’s Engrish.

    There is no slash between 24 and 7, so your interpretation is hard to buy, in my opinion.

  3. Jix, your godamn right.

    Oh well, im listening to the final boss theme of SATBK as i write. On my Ipod.


  4. One day, at a classroom…


    Next teaser is up

    All results still point to 247

    Next update 24th March

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