Sonic Merchandise at

Sonic Merchandise at

So I randomly thought of Sonic X, which made me randomly remember digital tv channel Jetix, which I randomly remembered show Sonic X, which made me randomly remember they have a Sonic X website, where I randomly remembered they use to have a Sonic X store on their site, so I went there and clicked the ‘Store’ link. I was randomly taken to a page full of Sonic X items at a site called

Alot of the Sonic X merchandise I remember seeing at Jetix’s old Sonic X store but unless I’m mistaken a couple of new ones seem to have appeared –

Sonc X Character Capsule Set of 5 Figurines, £4.99

Rouge: “Balls!” *snicker*

Shadow: “You better not be thinking of sticking me in that ‘DAMN’ ball again…”


Sonic X 2 Inch Collectable Figures – 5 Pack, £4.50

Tails: “Hey a Chao!”
Knuckles: “Isn’t he a little bigger than the average Chao?”
Big: “We should probably leave him alone, huh Froggy?”
Sonic: “I think I smell something…”
Chao: “Chao!” (^_^’)


You can buy a bunch of other Sonic X items too that include –
Action figures
Mobile phone sock case
Sonic X comic book Vol.1
Mobile phone strap
Radio control Sonic

You can find them all here and here.


  1. Those capsule things are not new. They have been (infact, I think still are) avilable in capsule mechines in the UK (I dunno anywhere else) The only place I’v seen them are in Eastleigh in the Swan Shopping Centre (Outside Tesco) I have two of them (Amy and Rouge)

  2. I think Shadow is angry because he has a very loosely attached head.

    Also, Knuckles seems to be squatting…draw your own conclsions there, folks. Mine is that he’s doing the Hammer dance though.

  3. @ Will
    I know the things themselves aren’t new, I was simply stating they are new to that online toy store. I don’t recall seeing them there with the rest of the items at Jetix’s old Sonic X store before they seemingly gave all of the gear to this online toy store. I say ‘seemingly gave’ because the link to the Sonic Store and Jetix’s Sonic X site links to the Sonic X merchandise at this online toy store.

    @Nos is Lethal

    Yes I am 😀 , very much so XD

  4. He he… I´ve them since one or two years ago 😀 And there isn´t many Sonic merchandising here in Spain…

  5. Lol got them at woolworths while it was still around xD have the full set. should have had tails a knuckles >_>

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